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Groizer X
(Guroizā X)
Genre Mecha
TV anime
Director Hiroshi Taisenji
Writer Go Nagai
Studio Knack Animation, Dynamic Animation
Network Japan Tokyo Channel 12
Original run July 1, 1976March 31, 1977
Episodes 36
Author Go Nagai
Illustrator Shigeru Akimoto, Gosaku Ota
Publisher Japan Shogakukan
Demographic Kodomo
Magazine Shogaku Ichinensei
Original run September 1976 (1976-09)December 1976 (1976-12)
Author Go Nagai
Illustrator Gosaku Ota
Publisher Japan Shogakukan
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Bessatsu Shōnen Sunday, TV-kun
Original run August 1976 (1976-08)February 1977 (1977-02)
Author Go Nagai
Illustrator Panchosu Ishiwata, Gosaku Ota
Publisher Japan Asahi Sonorama
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Asahi Shōnen
Original run July 30, 1976 (1976-07-30)September 20, 1976 (1976-09-20)
Volumes 2
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Groizer X (グロイザーX Guroizā X ?) is an anime series aired from 1976 to 1977. There were 36 episodes. It is also referred to as Gloyzer X and Gloizer X.



The Gaira aliens, hidden in the Arctic, plan to conquer Earth. Captured and forced to work for the aliens, Dr. Yan creates the ultimate weapon, a transformable aerial robot called Gloizer X. Groizer X was 100 meters tall and weighed 1200 tons. Entrusted to his daughter Rita, Gloizer X escapes the clutches of the Gaira and lands in Japan, where pilot Jo Kaisaka meets a wounded Rita. Taking up the controls of Gloizer X, Jo and Rita fight against the Gaira invasion.


The anime was created by Go Nagai as a side project during the time he was busy with the various Mazinger series, Groizer X nevertheless managed to be converted into a TV series. The robot transforms into a jet, while the show included intense battle sequences and aerial combat, it remained a secondary super robot series.


Script: Go Nagai, Gosaku Ota

Animation: Shizuko Katsumi

Design: Norio Suzuki


Japanese Name Voiced by
Joe Kaisake Tôru Furuya
Rita Yan
Baku Naoki Tatsuta
Dottor Yanki
Prof. Tobishima
Ghelden Narratore


The original Groizer X toyline are one of the very few super robot toys produced by Nakajima Manufacturing Company instead of the industry dominant Popy Pleasure[1].

Yamato then did a GN-U Groizer X figure released in 2007. A Manga version of the figure was produced, only painted in green.

Outside Japan

While not being a great success in Japan, "Gloizer/Groizer X" had a considerable impact in Brazil, where it was aired under the name O Pirata do Espaço ("The Space Pirate") in 1984/1986 at the Manchete Network. Only two mecha anime were shown in the country, and "Groizer" was the only full-exhibited (the other one, Voltes V, had only five episodes aired there). In Latin America, the anime was aired under the name "El Justiciero".

References in other series

In the 2009 anime Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z Hen, Count Brocken deploys an updated Groizer, "Groizer X-10" to attack Mazinger Z and the Mazinger Corps. Later on, Groizer's X-9, X-11 and X-12 are also shown, used by the Count to sink the Submarine Fortress Saluud.


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