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"Go God Go XII"
South Park episode
Episode no. Season 10
Episode 13
Written by Trey Parker
Directed by Trey Parker
Original airdate November 8, 2006
Season 10 episodes
South Park – Season 10
March 22, 2006 – November 15, 2006
  1. The Return of Chef
  2. Smug Alert!
  3. Cartoon Wars Part I
  4. Cartoon Wars Part II
  5. A Million Little Fibers
  6. ManBearPig
  7. Tsst
  8. Make Love, Not Warcraft
  9. Mystery of the Urinal Deuce
  10. Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy
  11. Hell on Earth 2006
  12. Go God Go
  13. Go God Go XII
  14. Stanley's Cup

Season 9 Season 11
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"Go God Go XII" is episode 1013 (#152) of Comedy Central's South Park, which aired on November 8, 2006. The episode is a continuation of the previous episode, "Go God Go". The episode is rated TV-MA.


Plot summary

The episode begins with a parody intro of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century[1], which recaps the plot from the previous episode. Cartman, still trapped in the year 2546, has learned that the 21st-century Wii game console is incompatible with 26th-century video screens, and decides to use a "Time Phone" to call the past and thereby prevent his self-freezing plan from ever happening. Although Cartman successfully uses the Time Phone to call several people in the past, they all hang up on him, and thus the attempt to prevent his do-it-yourself cryonics experiment fails.

Meanwhile, it is learned that Richard Dawkins and his wife Mrs. Garrison were destined to become the co-founders of worldwide atheism. Atheism has split into three hostile denominations at perpetual war over the so-called "Great Question": the super-intelligent otters of the AAA (Allied Atheist Alliance), the humans of the UAA (United Atheist Alliance), and a rival human faction, the UAL (Unified Atheist League).

As the AAA otters complete their planning for a sneak attack against the UAA and UAL, one elderly otter known as 'The Wise One', asks if the war is worth fighting, and implies that logic and science can be harmonized with some sort of belief in the supernatural. After pondering this for a moment, the rest of the otters brutally murder the Wise One.

As a massive battle between the three atheist groups begins, the nature of the "Great Question" is finally revealed: the war is being fought over whether atheists should call themselves the AAA, the UAL, or the UAA.

Cartman tries again to call the past, and this time interrupts passionate sex between Garrison and Dawkins, who picks up the phone. As a result of Dawkins learning that Mrs. Garrison had a sex change, Dawkins ends his romance with Garrison.

Now that the two "co-founders of world atheism" are no longer destined to marry, the future is altered significantly. Cartman suddenly finds himself in a room with members of all three factions, who live in peace with each other and explain that no one fights about abstract "-isms" anymore; instead, they're at war with the "French-Chinese" over legal ownership of Hawaii.

Cartman is sent back to the 21st century and merges with his present-self, but discovers that the time machine sent him back too far: he now has a full two months until the Wii release, instead of three weeks. Distraught once again, present-Cartman angrily hangs up on a phone call from another future-Cartman, who tries to warn him, in vain, against freezing himself again.

Cultural References

The reference to Cartman's cybernetic dog partner K-10 is a parody of the British science-fiction series Dr. Who spin-off, K-9.

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