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Go Uru Dangun
Hangul 고우루 단군
Hanja 高于婁
Revised Romanization Go Uru Dangun
McCune–Reischauer Ko Uru Tan-gun

Go Uru or Hae Uru (r. 121 BCE - 86 BCE) was the 4th Dangun of Bukbuyeo, an ancient Korean empire that was founded in Manchuria.



Go Uru was the first son of Bukbuyeo's 3rd ruler, Go Haesa Dangun. Go Uru was made Crown Prince of Bukbuyeo under his father's reign. He was also the brother of Emperor Hae Buru, the founder of Dongbuyeo. Go Uru apparently produced no heirs as he was succeeded by his brother after his death in 86 BCE.


After the death of Go Haesa, in 121 BCE, Crown Prince Go Uru rose to the throne to become the 4th Dangun of Bukbuyeo. Wiman Joseon began to disintegrate and Bukbuyeo continued to carry on the legacy of Jinjoseon by marking Wiman Joseon as an enemy. Go Uru Dangun attacked Wiman Joseon to the point that Wiman's economy was withering thin. It was at around this time that Han Wudi turned his attention towards the northeast and attacked Wiman Joseon endlessly for a year. Taking advantage of the situation, Go Uru Dangun sent an army to harass Wiman Joseon's borders and also named his great great-uncle, Go Jin, "Gori-King Go Jin," which put Go Jin in charge of Gori-guk, which was Hae Mosu's land of origin. Wiman Joseon eventually fell in 108 BCE, but a new source of trouble came for Go Uru Dangun during that same year when a young man named Go Dumak-Han declared himself the "Son of Heaven." Go Dumak-Han established Dongmyeong-guk, and continued to fight against the troops of the Han Dynasty. Go Dumak sent a messenger to Go Uru Dangun during this year, telling him to move his capital so that the Dongmyeong-guk capital could be built in Bukbuyeo's capital location. With this, Go Dumak ended with giving the threat of heavenly punishment. Go Uru Dangun pondered on the solution to such a problem between nations and eventually died of stress in 86 BCE.


In 86 BCE, Go Uru Dangun was succeeded by his brother Hae Buru, who was eventually pushed eastward by the armies of Dongmyeong-guk, led by Go Dumak himself. Go Dumak established himself as Dangun of Bukbuyeo and became the 5th ruler of Bukbuyeo during that same year, renaming the empire "Jolbon Buyeo."

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Preceded by
Go Haesa Dangun
Danguns of Buyeo

121 BCE –86 BCE
Succeeded by
Go Dumak Dangun


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