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A goatee from the late 1880s on Dutch folk hero Dorus Rijkers

In the traditional taxonomy of facial hair, a goatee is a beard formed by a tuft of hair on the chin. The word probably originated from the tuft of hair seen on an adult goat.


Goatee styles

Soviet premier Bulganin, 1955 - 1958 (pictured with a Vandyke not a goatee)
  • French Fork – a double pointed goatee
a colour photo of a thin male statuette in dark brown wood
A Moai Kavakava from Easter Island. Many statues from Easter Island have goatee beards

Depending on the wearer and his personality, goatees are worn either fully maintained and trimmed daily, or they can be worn quite robust. The style is also based on the wearer's facial construction. Someone with a rounder face may crop his goatee one way, while a person with a longer face may treat it differently. James Hetfield can be recognized by his long and somewhat thin goatee.

In India, the goatee is sometimes referred to as a Bulganin, after Bulganin who sported one.[1][2]

Similar facial hair styles

19th century English explorer Richard Francis Burton wearing a distinctive Vandyke in the "French Fork" style.
  • The royale (or impériale) – a tuft of hair under the lower lip without a goatee, perhaps worn with a moustache, as worn by the younger Napoleon III of France - a Vandyke in English-speaking terms. While the royale was historically worn by French officers as a badge or adornment of military rank or status, it is not technically a goatee. It is sometimes referred to as a "soul patch" or flavor saver.
  • Tiered goatee – a goatee that has variable lengths of hair to create a multi-leveled beard. This is used to create some sort of distinction between different sections of a beard.
  • Circle beard (or moutee) – a goatee and mustache which are connected by hair on each side of the mouth to form a complete circle.
  • Rico – a very fine arrow-pointed goatee. It can also be worn with a soul patch. The soul patch does not connect with the goatee. It is worn by master cigar maker George Rico.
  • Chin Bush/Chin Shrub - similar to the goatee, but kept to a cleaner cut
  • Vandyke - mustache and goatee, not necessarily connected.

Goatees in fiction


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A goatee is a beard formed by a tuft of hair under the chin, resembling that of a billy goat.

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