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Going Great was a newsmagazine type show that premiered on Nickelodeon in 1983. Hosted by Chris Makepeace, Going Great focused on kids of all ages who did very amazing feats in the world some people couldn't do. It was canceled after sixteen weeks (considered a whole season, but it wasn't because of the show itself. Against the Odds was last on the Nickelodeon TV show ratings and Going Great was second to last).


Going Great was one of Nickelodeon's lowest rated TV shows, receiving a 2 out of every 6 people watching it. Against the Odds was actually lowest with 1 out of 6 people. Going Great focused on being able to do amazing, extreme things. Kids were shown and asked about their bravery, and they always said: "I'm not brave". With help from Nickelodeon, kids were able to do great things, hence the name Going Great. According to a Nickelodeon producer, whom stated: Going Great may have been one of the lowest rated Nickelodeon TV programs, but the show Against the Odds was even worse."

In 1984, Keanu Reeves was a correspondent for the show.[1]

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