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Map of Connecticut highlighting the Southwestern Region.

The Gold Coast is a region of the state of Connecticut, United States that includes the southwestern portion of Fairfield County.

It derives its regional nickname from Fairfield County being ranked as one of the wealthiest counties in the United States[citation needed]. Much of its economy and population are dependent on the region's proximity to New York City. The Gold Coast is part of the New York metropolitan area and roughly corresponds to the labor market area of the city of Stamford.[1] The area .

While perceived by some as uniformly wealthy, the Gold Coast is a region of marked income extremes, exacerbated by many middle-class residents moving out of the region due to the high cost of living and pressures of gentrification.[citation needed] The cities of Norwalk and Stamford in particular have significant working class populations.

The region has been portrayed numerous times in popular culture as a wealthy bastion of conformity, immorality, or anomie, most notably in The Stepford Wives, The Ice Storm, and Gentleman's Agreement.


Stamford Labor Market Area

The following is a list of towns in the Stamford Labor Market Area.[2].

Gold Coast adjacencies

Adjacent towns are sometimes included in the Gold Coast, particularly in relation to tourism (Hartford Courant) and Economics (Connecticut Economic Digest).[3][4]

Alternative Definition

Others define the region as all of the shoreline towns in Fairfield County, ranging from Stratford to Greenwich.[5],[6] From this perspective, the Gold Coast would include:

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