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Goldstrike: a popular shooter with cinnamon flavor and 24-carat gold snippets and an individual drinking method: “Shake, Shoot and Strike”. This is part of the Lucas Bols liquors. Bols liqueurs (including Bols Vodka, Gin and Genevers). The Bols brand was founded in 1575 and is now distributed in 110 countries. The line of Bols liqueurs alone is composed of more than 30 different flavors, making it the most exemplary authority in the cocktail sector. One worldwide brand, millions of drinks. (1)It is quite strong, at 50% alcohol (or 100 proof). It is a clear liquid, that tastes like cinnamon candy.

Gold Strike is also notable for containing flakes of 23.5 carat gold. The gold flakes present little health risk. A common rumor about Gold Strike is that the gold flakes cut the throat or stomach upon ingestion, allowing the alcohol to directly enter the bloodstream for quicker intoxication. In reality, gold is known for its softness and malleability, and given that the flakes do not have sharp edges, no such lacerations occur.[1]

Other alcoholic beverages that contain gold are Goldschläger and Goldwasser.




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