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Goliath II
Directed by Wolfgang Reitherman
Produced by Walt Disney
Story by Bill Peet
Voices by Sterling Holloway (narration)
Music by George Bruns
Animation by John Lounsbery (directing)
Eric Cleworth
Blaine Gibson
Bill Keil
Hal King
Dick N. Lucas
Cliff Nordberg
Amby Paliwoda
John Sibley
Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures
Release date(s) January 21, 1960
Color process Ralph Hulett (color stylist)
Running time 15 minutes
Language English

Goliath II is an animated short film, produced by Walt Disney Productions and was released on January 21, 1960. It was the first time the Xerox process was used in a Disney cartoon[1]. Sterling Holloway narrates this cartoon film, starring Kevin Corcoran. It was released to theaters in the U.S., alongside the Disney live-action motion picture Toby Tyler. The short received an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Short, but lost to Gene Deitch's Munro.



Goliath II is a miniature elephant (about 3 to 4 in. tall, although the consistency of this is variable) who tries everything to impress his father, the biggest elephant of them all. Because of his size, his father doesn't care about him; only his mother does. A nasty tiger named Raja is curious of tasting an elephant and tries to attack Goliath, but Raja is stopped by his mother. Afterwards Eloise (member of the herd) almost accidentally steps on Goliath II. Later, he's nearly eaten by a crocodile (which appears to be the same one from Peter Pan), but his mother saves him.

One day when the elephants are marching through the forest, Goliath follows a family of snails but gets lost and his mother panics, causing the other elephants to crash (similar to the elephant crash in The Jungle Book). Goliath II's Mother and the Tiger, Raja, search for Goliath and manage to find him in a snail hole.

That night, while the herd is sleeping, he runs away and vows to never return. Afterwards he is startled by various jungle noises and is again attacked by Raja after mistakenly waking him up with a cattail, and he walked on and crying for his Mother. After his mother hears his cries she goes to his aid and finds that he is being taken away by Raja. After saving Goliath from Raja's grasp, she grabs the tiger by his tail and throws him straight into the crocodile's mouth; he escapes from its belly and runs away to search for small antelopes, never to be seen again. Afterwards, Goliath gets a spanking from his mother for trying to flee the herd, because a deserter from the herd is granted a rogue and a traitor.

The next day, while the elephants are marching through the jungle again, Goliath I screams because of a 6 inch mouse. The mouse scares away the herd and other animals, which flee and jump into a river. While the mouse is laughing hysterically he finds Goliath II, staring at him. Shocked he asks Goliath if he is afraid, but Goliath replies that he is not as they are the same size. Enraged the mouse threatens Goliath telling that if he doesn't run away until he counts 3, he will hurt him. After the mouse counts 3, a tussle starts between the two. The fight ends with Goliath holding the mouse over a cliff, where below is the waiting hungry crocodile. The mouse cowardly begs Goliath not to drop him and tells him that he (Goliath) is the champ. Goliath accepts. After this, Goliath is respected and is named the top elephant of the herd.

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