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The Gondal are one of the Jat clans (tribes) found mainly in Punjab, Pakistan. They are also a few in Punjab, India.


History of the Gondal


Theory 1

The Gondal are one of the Jat clans tribes found mainly in Punjab, Pakistan. The Gondals are known as one of the great clans of the Jatts. They are also a few in Indian Punjab, and other parts of India. They are believed to have accepted Islam on the inducement of famous Sufi poet Baba Fariduddin Ganjshakar of Pakpattan and were instructed by him to stay in the area between the Chenab River and Jhelum Rivers. They are approximately half a million in population. Gondals have their own traditions regarding hospitality and hostality outsider is not welcome in general.(What are they?) Respect is never compromised among this tribe. They are also famous for taking revenge. Ghanon is the name of the first man(this debateable few people say Gondal himself embraced Islam) who accepted Islam at the hand of Baba Fariduddin Ganjshakar. Ghanon came from India in the mid 1200s, at the time Ghiyas ud din Balban was governing Delhi.

  • 1. Gondal
  • 2. Sukha, son of Gondal,
  • 3. Badhrad son of Sukha,
  • 4. Hans son of Badhrad,
  • 5. Tullah son of Hanse,
  • 6. Jaisrat son of Tullah,
  • 7. Kouli son of Jaisrat,
  • 8. Kalas son of Kouli,
  • 9. Ghanon son of Kalas,
  • 10.Dhir son of Kalas, Raja son of Kalas,Badher son of Kalas,Budha son of Kalas,
  • 11.Taijo son of Badher,
  • 12.Makhdoom son of Taijo,
  • 13.Hazrat Langar Makhdoom (Al Maroof Hazrat Mian Makhdoom Burhanuddin (RA)1245(666 Hijri)Vill Langar Makhdoom Distt. Sargodha,
  • 14.Aqube son of Hazrat Langar Makhdoom(RA),
  • 15.Bahara son of Aqube,
  • 16.Shah Baig son of Bahara,
  • 17.Danaa son of Shah Baig,
  • 18.Imam Bakhsh son of Danaa,Mohammad Bakhsh son of Danaa,Allah Bakhsh son of Danaa,Umar Bakhsh son of Danaa,Faiz Bakhsh son of Danna,
  • 19.Qadir Bakhsh son of Umar Bakhsh,
  • 20.Bhukhtiar son of Qadir Bakhsh,
  • 21.Qutab Din son of Bukhtiar,
  • 22.Ghulam Mohammad son of Qutab Din,
  • 23. Mohkam son of Faiz Bakhsh,
  • 24.Allah Din son of Mohkam Din,
  • 25.Sardar Khan son of Allah Din,
  • 26.Karam Bakhsh son of Sardar Khan,
  • 27.Mohammad Ali son of Sardar Khan,

The Gondal moved to Sargodha and Mandi Bahauddin districts where they started farming. Their first village was called Hathiwind, which is near Bhalwal. After successful expedition against Gujars, the first ever mosque constructed by Ghanon at Chot Dhiran with stone masonary. Baba Ghanon went to Pakpattan to see his murshid, Baba Fariduddin Ganjshakar. Ghanon died there and was buried in grave of the Chisty family at Pakpattan. Ghanon had four sons 1. Raja 2. DHIR 3 Badher 4. Budha.

The principle political families are from Raja. Busal and Chimmu are sons of badher, these people were established RASA GIR in north central Punjab. Gondal bus service is operated primarily by Dhir family. Only two villages belong to the family of Budha. The major chunk of Gondal population in Pakistani Punjab belongs to the family of RAJA. The large townships of Gondal like Bhikhi Gojra Rukan Bukan Khai Wassu- Sohawa Jhulana BOHAT Pindi bahauddin Maghi Jewanwal Pind makko, GUNIAN,SALAM, SANDA, Jaiti purand Jalalpur Sharif on the banks of river Jhelum belongs to the sons of Raja. Gondals are also living in Gujrat Pakistan, Haripur Hazara Pakistan,wara alam shah

Theory 2

Baba fareed Ganj Shakar (1173-1266) or (1188-1280) whereas Pritihvi Raj Chauhan iii (1149-1192) was king at the age of 20 in 1169. PRC father name was Someshwar Chauhan and mother name was Kamaladevi, her sister name was Pratha who was married to another King Samar Singh. PRC son name was Kola who was forgiven by Shahab uddin Ghouri helped him in later wars. Govinda was the grandson of PRC. Before PRC there were other rulers, they are Someshwar-PRC2- Apara Gangeys- Vigraha Raje 1V- Jagdeva-PRC 1- Ajay Pal. Ghanon was the 9th in line of family tree which means some where in 14th Century, how he can accept Islam at the hands of Baba Fareed. Prithvi Raj fought two wars Battle of Tarrain in 1191 and 1192. This is when most of the Rajputs migrated from Ajmer, and other area to present Pakistani Punjab,

Haye Abid Gondal wrote, Nosherwaan, 2. Chauhaan, 3. Chooh, 4. Labathoor, 5. Ghungh, 6. Gondal 7. Sukhdev, 8. Badhraar, 9. Hanas, 10. Tullah, 11. Jerath, 12. Kaoli, 13. Kalas 14. Ghanu, 15. Dheer, 16. Chote, 17. Choohr, 18. Bhairo

In other family tree available Ghanon and Jaspal were brothers and s/o Kalas s/o Kouli s/o Jairat s/o Tullah. Now here is the difference that Tullah was not son of Hanas rather Tullah, Hanas, Badhard and Sukha were four brothers and son of Gondal. ( Please see Wasu in Google Earth or in

Theory 3

Gondal (गोंडल) is Gotra of Jats in Kashmir in India and also in Pakistan. They are the people who were known in the history of Kashmir by the name Gonand. Their history is well known. They ruled over Kashmir for centuries. The name, Gonad, became Gonadal and was Sanskritised into Gonanda. It is worth noting that the Nand Jats (pre-Mauryan) are now called Nandal/Nander. Some of these people call themselves descendants of the Chauhans, but others associate themselves with Lord Krishna. According to historical evidence Jarija and Yada Bhan were two brothers in the dynasty of Krishna. Jarija established his rule in Kathiawar, Gujarat. The present chieftains of Jamnagar, Dharol, Rajkot, Gonal and Morvi belonged to this very dynasty but all of, them now claim to be Rajputs. The Gondal of Rawalpindi, Cambalpur, Shapur, Mainwali are called Jats. Bosal, Tole, Jaspal, Sanatana and Gogh are branches of the Gondals. Some of these people call themselves descendants of the Chauhans, but others associate themselves with Lord Krishna.

Theory 4

As per Glossary of tribes and castes of punjab and North West Frontier Provinces based on the census report in 1883 by Sir Danziel Libbetson, Gondal clan (agricultural) found in Shahpur, Multan and classed as Rajput in Montgomery(now Sahiwal). They hold the upland known as Gondal bar, running up to the center of the tract between the Jhelum and Chenab. There are also numerous in the riverain on the right bank of the former river in the Jhelum distt and a few have spread eastward as far as the Ravi,in Tehsil Kamalia District Toba Tek Singh. They are said to be Chauhan Rajput, but they are now of Jat status and intermarry with other Jat tribes, Physically they are a fine race, owing doubtless to the free and active life they lead, and the quantities of the animal food they consume. They say their ancestors came from Naushahra in the south to PakPattan, and were converted as Muslims by Baba Farid and if this is be so they probably occupied their present abodes within the last six centuries. He further wrote That a tribe of Muhammadan Jats in Gujrat which claim chauhan rajput Origin. Its eponym came from the Deccan to visit the shrine of Baba Farid in Pakpattan and embraced Islam. Mr. W. G. Waterfield in 1865 in a report of Second Regular settlement of Gujrat District says That Gondal had 56 villages and the tribe call themselves of Sombansi. They came from South. It is said that Kammu, TENTH in descent from gondal who came Naushehra to Pakpattan. He located himself upon an old village Hativind in the Shahpur District and his four sons spread over into Shahpur district and Gujrat district, but have never separated from each others. Three clans are in the gujrat after three sons called Badr-Raja-dhir and Fourth son Budha in Shahpur, they intermarry with all Jatts. They are well known cattle thieves but are now taking agricultural and honest livilehood. They created lot of problems to Sardar Mahan Singh. They have two representatives Zaildar Shashu of Majhi and Taja of Sohawah. Third of Budha of Chimmun was dismissed by district authorities as irreclaimble. Lt Col J.M Wikeley in his book Punjabi Muslmans write Locality, The Gondals are found chiefly in the Bhera tahsil of the Shahpur District in the tract known as the Gondal Bar. They are also found in the Gujarat and Jhelum and Rawalpindi districts. Those in jhelum and rawalpindi have no connection with the true Gondals of Bhera, and are unlike them in general appearance and in their characteristics. Chief Families.- There are some families of special importance. The Zaildars of Miana Gondal and Kot Momin are men of influence. History and Particulars.- The Gondals claim to be Chauhan Rajput and they say their ancestors came from Naushahra in the south to Pakistan where they were converted to Islam by Bawa Farid, if this is so, they probably occupied their present abodes within the last six centuries. The Tribe now ranks with Jats, it intermarries freely with other jat tribes of the district, such as Ranjhas, The harrals and Laks. Formerly before the Khelum Canal was introduced into their country, they were pastoral people subsisting almost entirely on the produce of their large herds of cattle. Now they are more and more to agricultural and are in very easy circumstances. Physically they are a fine race, strong and well made. The Gondals are well fitted for military service. My Conclusion This is a long debate whether Gondal were Jats or Rajputs but they were not Sikh rather Hindu. The Sikh religion started in 16th century whereas Jats and Gondal are older Clans than that. So Sikhs can be Jats but not Gondal from Sikhism. I have come across many Sikhs here in Canada and USA, found Gondal amongst Sikhs mainly from Hoshiarpur and Gurdaspur, I have met few Sood Jats who claim to be Gondal. The History is overlapped as some where Jats and Gujars are from Rajputs and some where Rajput are from Jats. Some Rajput clans are Takshak who were Jats. They can be found on internet in simple search by typing Gondal. Gondal being surname or family name is used by them. There are Jat Gondal and Rajput Gondal depending upon the area where they lived in India. There are all the Jat Clans in Rajputs and Jats, may be it was because they lived in each others area or through marriage. Cheema, Chattha, Bhatti, Tarar and others Jat clans are from Rajputs and Jats.

Rajputs can not convert or marry to other clans out of Rajputs. They are a great clan, have their own custom and tradition, which are being followed even now. How come 6 or 7 centuries before they changed into Jats when Caste System was on high.

How Jats people allowed other clans to change and settle in their areas when there was just tribal system. Even now a days Jats and Rajput do not marry each others, they have noting in common, no custom or traditions. So in my opinion the History is what you present to others.

One of the historian says that few low caste started calling themselves Rajput and Jat, even few British writers also confirmed in their books that those people (low Caste like, Lohars, tarkhans etc ) converted into these elite castes and started calling themselves as Jat and Rajput. They did not know their history. even today in Punjab the low castes change into rajput and Jat clans and call themselves amongst them, trying to change the history.

Some of the information was copied from various sites from internet as it was and the 1st web site and from other sources.

Location & Distribution

In Pakistan, they are found principaly in Jhelum, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Mandi Bahauddin,Sargodha, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Bahawalnagar, Lahore,Toba Tek singh, Jhang, Muzzafargarh, Dera Ghazi Khan and Kohat Districts as well as in kangra district. The upland of Chaj doab i.e. Part of Sargodha and Mandi Bahauddin Districts is known as the Gondal Bar, or Gondal area. In the Gondal Bar, they are found in Malakwal, Kot Momin, Bar Musa, Badshahpur[1], and Bhalwal, Khan Muhammad Wala, Bhikhi Sharif, Dera Chah Bhulwan, Wasu, Sohawa[2], Mandi Bahauddin as well as many smaller villages. The East Punjab Gondal Jats all hail from the Hoshiarpur Gurdaspur district in the Majha region of Punjab.[1]

The majority is associated with the profession of agriculture but a some of them are also in politics and civil services, such as police, irrigation wapda communication and works health construction business education and judiciary, as well as a few working abroad mainly in the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Netherland, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Although they are working in these countries but majority of them remain illiterate and backwards.

Famous towns with the name of Gondal

Gondal, a princely state in Indian state of Gujarat, Gondal, a town near Attock, Gondalanwala, Gondal Kot, Gondal Para, Gari Gondal, Dera Alam Pur Gondlan in Kharian and Miana Gondal in Mandi Bahauddin. Hatha Wind And Chak NO. 8 ML Distt:Sargodha Old Bhalwal,Chawa,And Noorkhaniwala are the village of Gondal family (Sub Cast Bhalwana)By HAMID GONDAL.

See also

  • Gondal, m b din

ali raza gondal son of riaz ahmed gondal village gunian.


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