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Good Burger

Promotional poster for Good Burger.
Directed by Brian Robbins
Produced by Mike Tollin
Brian Robbins
Written by Dan Schneider
Starring Kenan Thompson
Kel Mitchell
Abe Vigoda
Shar Jackson
Dan Schneider
Ron Lester
Jan Schweiterman
Josh Server
Music by Stewart Copeland
Studio Nickelodeon Movies
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) July 25, 1997
Running time 95 minutes
Country America
Language English
Budget $9,000,000
Gross revenue $87,445,899

Good Burger is a 1997 American comedy film by Nickelodeon Movies produced by Paramount Pictures, directed by Brian Robbins, and starring Kenan and Kel, featuring Sinbad, Shar Jackson, Abraham Vigoda, and Jan Schweiterman. The film was based on a recurring sketch on Nickelodeon's sketch show All That. Carmen Electra, Shaquille O'Neal, and George Clinton also make cameo appearances.



Ed is a dumb but very funny fast food attendant working at the titular restaurant. Ed discovers that there is competition with Good Burger when another restaurant, Mondo Burger, is built across the street. However, the Good Burger manager, Mister Bailey, is not worried about the new restaurant. Meanwhile, Dexter Reed is a teenage slacker who believes he can spend the rest of the summer partying after the school year ends. However, he crashes his mother's car into the car of his teacher (both Nissans, a 300ZX and Infiniti J30, respectively), Mister Wheat, resulting in a confrontation between the two. Mister Wheat gives Dexter the repair bill for his car, forcing Dexter to get a summer job.

Dexter initially finds work at the Mondo Burger under the fascist manager Kurt Bozwell. However, Dexter does not fit in with the other employees and is fired. Hoping to find work where his clear lack of talent and absolute lack of experience will do him well, Dexter goes to the Good Burger to drown his woes in milkshakes. Ed tries to convince Mister Bailey to give Dexter a job at the Good Burger. Though reluctant, Mister Bailey gives Dexter the job of making deliveries in the Burger Mobile. After Kurt personally visits the Good Burger and intimidates the employees, the Mondo Burger opens in an overblown fashion. The Good Burger employees discover that the Mondo Burgers are so successful because of their ridiculous size. Ed and Dexter become more acquainted with each other as Ed shoves grapes up his nose and becomes "Grape-Nose-Boy".

Ed creates a special sauce that the other employees enjoy. The sauce is put on the burgers and marketed to the public, averting the Good Burger's demise. Dexter, hoping to pay off the repair bill for Mister Wheat's car, makes Ed sign a contract that entitles Dexter to 80% of the profits made on Ed's sauce. Meanwhile, Kurt is displeased at Good Burger's rising sales and sends an attractive woman named Roxanne to seduce Ed and obtain the secret formula for his secret sauce. However, her attempts are futile against Ed's astounding stupidity and ends up physically battered as a result. After Roxanne quits Mondo Burger, Ed and Dexter begin to suspect foul play, as they believe that Mondo Burger is using illegal chemicals to enlarge their burgers. Disguising themselves as women, they infiltrate Mondo Burger, where their suspicions are confirmed. However, they are subsequently caught and committed to a psychiatric hospital by Kurt.

As Ed and Dexter plan a way to escape, Mondo Burger employees infiltrate Good Burger and insert shark poison into Ed's special sauce, making anyone who eats it so sick that Good Burger will probably face a lawsuit. Otis, an elderly employee of Good Burger, discovers this plot and threatens to call the police, but is then committed to the same psychiatric hospital as Ed and Dexter. Organizing a synchronized dance number (Resembling Michael Jackson's Thriller) in the hospital to distract the guards, Ed, Dexter, and Otis leave the hospital by a window and carjack an ice cream van in the hopes of making it back to the Good Burger before anyone is affected by the poison in the special sauce. Ed and Dexter manage to make it back to the Good Burger and explain to Mister Bailey about the poisoned burgers. Ed and Dexter then hatch a plan to break into Mondo Burger and expose their illegal practices. While Dexter distracts the employees inside, Ed overloads the Mondo Burgers with chemicals, causing them to explode. Their antics destroy the restaurant, crush Mister Wheat's car and result in Kurt's arrest. Ed is hailed as a hero as he makes a speech and rasps his incessant catchphrase "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?".


Deleted scenes

A scene not included in the release, but made it into the trailers, includes a customer saying to Ed, "Give me a Good Shake", so Ed grabs him and shakes him. A deleted scene that Kel Mitchell wanted to put in the film but director Brian Robbins disagreed with was to have Dexter say to Ed "Excuse me a second", and have Ed wait literally one second before following Dexter. The head-butting scene was removed by the BBFC for the UK video release, despite the cinema release being uncut.

Critical reception

Good Burger received largely negative reviews from film critics, garnering a "Rotten" rating of 31% on Rotten Tomatoes. However it has become a sort of cult favorite for fans of the early to mid 1990s Nickelodeon.

The Nostalgia Critic gave a negative review of the film, citing the porous jokes, in particular, the scene in which Ed was sticking grapes up his nose while making absurd noises. The Critic hailed the scene as the Eleventh Level of Hell, saying that Dante didn't write about it because he thought it would be too scary for people to comprehend. He also wondered how Abe Vigoda even ended up on the film and even compared the owner of Mondo burger to Adolf Hitler.

Box office

The film was released on July 25, 1997 and had a budget (not including prints and advertising) of $9,000,000. It opened at the fifth position with $7,058,333 and in total, the film earned $23,712,993 in the US & Canada.


A soundtrack containing hip hop, R&B and rock music was released on July 15, 1997 by Capitol Records. It peaked at 101 on the Billboard 200 and 65 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

2007 and 2010 "Nick at Nite" premieres

In 2007, Nickelodeon revived Good Burger and showed it on Nick@Nite December 8, 2007. Before it was shown, Nickelodeon had two of the actors record over what they said in the previous film to censor it for kids. The first censor is when Otis says "I think I broke my ass". Nickelodeon censored it so he said "I think I broke my tail". The other is when the man in the mental institution (played by George Clinton) says "Ooh, this music sucks", which was censored to "Ooh, this music stinks". The actors' lips almost clearly show the original lines, and closed captioning will reveal the original lines. Subsequent showings, such as the January 17, 2010 showing, have also been censored in the same fashion.

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Good Burger is a 1997 film from Paramount and Nickelodeon about the exploits of Dexter Reed and other Good Burger employees who try to save their restaurant from being run out of business. It was based on the All That sketch of the same name.

Directed by Brian Robbins.
A comedy with everything on it. (taglines)
Coming to dinners this Summer. (taglines)
For Good Burger, the home of the Good Burger... (taglines)
Nickelodeon is back starring Kenan and Kel. (taglines)
You saw that but All That. (taglines)



  • (repeated line): Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?
  • (repeated line, usually sung): I'm a dude. He's a dude. She's a dude. We're all dudes, hey!
  • (to Kurt) Dude, you need a tic-tac.
  • It's okay people! Her butt is fine!
  • Yippee Skippy!
  • (while in the shake machine) Whoo! Strawberry jacuzzi!
  • I give up! There is no way a guy can watch his own butt!
  • (to Dexter) Is it because I'm black?
  • (After waking up to his alarm clock, he picks it up and looks at it) WHOA! A CLOCK! (turns the alarm clock off)
  • Your head hit my golf ball. Then you went sleepy-bye.


  • Okay, now this "grinder" of yours. Is it a real grinder or is it just some kind of metaphor?
  • See right about now I'd slap you in your head but I'm not sure your brain would understand the concept of pain!
  • Hey look, Ed, idiot man! (eats his French fries)
  • (to Ed) I don't wanna sit by you. I don't wanna see you. I don't wanna smell you. I don't wanna hang out with you. I don't even wannna use words with the letter "U!"
  • (after smashing his mother's car into Mr. Wheat's) Why?!

Mr. Wheat

  • (after having his car hit by Dexter's) My afro! My afro! Brother Reed, you have messed up my afro!
  • See, when I left school today, I didn't think I was gonna run into you this summer, or I didn't think you was gonna run into me! I mean just RUN into me!
  • (to his car after Dexter hits it) Oh, Black Beauty, oh!
  • I hate to do this, young man. I hate to put a black man in jail, but I'm gonna have to call the police.
  • (after a giant plastic hamburger fell on his newly fixed car, crying) Why? What have I done?!
  • I'm gon' have lunch at Mondo Burger. Home o' da big booty burger. Home o' da big booty burger.


  • You mess with Kurt, and you go into the grinder.
  • Okay, hot pants, I'm tired of playing games!


  • Otis: Can you get me to a hospital? I think I broke my ass.
  • Fizz: My name's never been abbreviated before. I love that!
  • Otis: I should've died years ago.
  • Otis: (after eating French fries with Ed's sauce on it) It makes me glad I'm not dead.
  • Attendant: (off screen, after Ed has released a deranged man from his straight jacket) Goodness gracious! He's killing Sydney!
  • Guards at asylum: Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho!


Mr. Wheat: What's your hurry, my brother?
Dexter: Uh, my hurry is it's now officially summer vacation and yet I'm still looking at you.
Mr. Wheat: You're an amazing student. I mean, you sit there and get your test done first, and you were concentrating so hard I thought you were sleep.
Dexter: Next time make it more challenging.
Mr. Wheat: That's what I want to talk to you about. Challenges, potential, using your mind. Cause I'm worried about you
Dexter: I'm worried about you, too. Have you seen yourself lately? The 'fro, the boots, and this jacket...You have a nice summer, Shaft!

Jake: Nice car. This yours?
Dexter: No. It's my mom's, but she's out of town on business.
Jake: And she let you drive this while she's out of town?
Dexter: Nope. (speeds off)

Ed: Mr. Baily! Can Dexter have a job here?
Mr. Baily: No!
Dexter: See ya.
Ed: No, wait, wait! C'mon, Mr. Baily. He can do fries.
Mr. Baily: Otis does fries.
Ed: Yeah, but look at him. How much longer could he possibly live?

Otis: I should've died years ago.
Dexter: Bummer.

Ed: Welcome to Good Burger. Home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?
Construction Worker: Well it's about time. Can I get two Good Burgers?
Ed: Oh, I'm sorry, dude. I have to go get them. Customers aren't allowed in back.
Construction Worker: (irritated) Just give me two Good Burgers!
Ed: Dude, I can't just give you two Good Burgers. You have to pay for them!
Construction Worker: Forget it!

Mr. Baily: (about Mondo Burger) They're competition. Big competition.
Monique: Yep. They could put us out of business.
(Rest of employees begin to agree with her)
Mr. Baily: All right! Now, come on! Good Burger has been here for over 40 years! People love us! (looks at Ed) Most of us...

Kurt: (blows whistle) Shut up! Just be quiet!
Dexter: Well, It'd be a lot more quiet if you stopped blowing the whistle.

Kurt: (addressing employees) From now on your life is Mondo Burger. You can forget about your friends, you can forget about your family... because Kurt is now your mother and your father.
Dexter: (whispering to female co-worker) Kurt must look awfully strange naked.

Kurt: You mess with Kurt and you go into the grinder.
Dexter: Okay, now this grinder of yours, is it a real grinder or is it some kind of a methaphor or something?
Kurt: That's it you're gone! Adios, TKO, historical!
Dexter: Wait, wait, wait. I won't be funny no more.
Kurt: Security!
(Security storms into the room)
Dexter: Wait! You ain't gotta bring the man down here! Kurt, come on, please! I need this job!
Kurt: Take out the trash!
Dexter: (offended) 'Trash?' Okay, now lookee here-
(Guards grab Dexter)
Kurt: Get this loser out of my face!
Dexter: 'Loser?!' Oh, now you're about to push me a little too far!
Kurt: You want a piece of me?
Dexter: Yeah! Extra crispy please!

Customer: (motioning to Ed) Excuse me! Look, I ordered one Good Burger with nothing on it!
Ed: That's what I gave you.
Customer: No, you gave me a bun. Just a bun. Look there's no meat in here.
Ed: But you said you wanted nothing on it.
Customer: Yes, but I expected a meat patty!
Ed: Dude, a meat patty is something. You said nothing. Fizz, is a meat patty something or nothing?
Fizz: Uh, something?
Ed: (raises arm in the air) I win!
Customer: All right, that rips it! I am reporting your name to the manager!
Ed: The manager already knows my name.
Customer: Oh, I'll see you in Hell.
Ed: Okay, see ya there!

Dexter: Hey, you look familiar. Don't I know you from somewhere?
Ed: Ever been to Australia?
Dexter: No.
Ed: Me neither.
Dexter: I've could've sworn I've seen you someplace before.
Ed: Hey, I know! Maybe I'm someone famous! You know, like a baseball player or a pretty nurse!
Dexter: What? Man, what in the world are you talking about?
Ed: Okay, okay. I give up. Who am I?
Dexter: Man, I don't know who you are. Or where I know you from. Or why you think you're an attractive nurse, but I am sure I don't wanna know you any longer. Now, please go away, I've had a very bad day.

Dexter: Man, I can't believe Kurt fired me from Mondo Burger. I mean, he yelled at me, then he insulted me. He made fun of me. (looks downcast)
Ed: Boy, you must really suck.
Dexter: See right about now I'd slap you in your head but I'm not sure if your brain would understand the concept of pain.

Ed: (after Dexter gets the job at Good Burger) Cool! I'll teach him everything I know!
Mr. Baily: (groans) Oh...God, help me.

Dexter: Hello. My name is Dexter. I'm your new co-worker.
Monique: (slightly irritated) Monique.
Dexter: Well, that's a nice outfit you got on there, Monique. And those stripes really bring out the color in your eyes.
Monique: (sarcastically) Yes. You can imagine how shocked I was when I came to work and saw everyone wearing the same thing.
Dexter: (laughs uneasily) Okay. I guess I'll see you later then.
Monique: I guess you will. (walks off)

(Ed is driving the Burger-Mobile)
Dexter: That was a stop sign!
Dexter: (whines) Aw, man!

Kurt: Hey check it, boys. Right back there. It's the reject.
(Kurt and his friends laugh)
Dexter: Hey check it, Ed. It's the Mondo idiot.
Ed: Oh, well, nice to meet you Mondo Idiot. I'm Ed.

Dexter: So, Monique. What are you going to do tonight after you lock up?
Monique: I thought I'd go home.
Dexter: Home? Why?
Monique: Well... that's where my stuff is.

Dexter: You know...I don't even remember what my dad looks like.
Ed: I don't remember what my dad looks like, either, but at least I get to see him everyday.

Kurt: Can I give you a lift, Ed?
Ed: Gee, I don't know dude. I weigh about 150.

Kurt: I want you to come work for me at Mondo Burger. You come and make your sauce for Kurt.
Ed: Who's Kurt?
Kurt: I'm Kurt!
Ed: I'm Ed.
Kurt: I'm aware!
Ed: You said you were Kurt.

Ed: (about Kurt) I think he likes me.
Dexter: Ed! That diphthong doesn't like you, he just wants to use you!
Ed: Well, that's not 'natural.'

Roxanne: Ed, can't we go somewhere and be alone?
Ed: What for?
Roxanne: Well we can just talk or get to know each other a little better. Now, doesn't that sound like more fun than miniature golf?
Ed: (looks at the audience for a few seconds)
Ed: (looking back at Roxanne) No! Come on!

Roxanne: You are so hot.
Ed: Oh, well, I often sweat at work.

Dexter: (about Monique) How can I not like her? She smart, fun, beautiful and cuddly.
Ed: Then just ask her out.
Dexter: Naw.
Ed: What, you're chicken?
Dexter: I'm not a chicken!
Ed: Are too! Dexter's a chicken! Moo! Moo!
Dexter: CHICKENS! (quieter) Chickens don't moo Ed. They cluck. (Imitates chicken sound)
Ed (later in the scene): Moo.

Dexter: So, uh, you like me?
Monique: Of course. So, uh, you like me?
Dexter: Are you kiddin'? I liked you from the first time I saw you! Right off the bat. But I guess it was the same thing for you, huh?
Monique: No, actually I thought you were self-centered and obnoxious.
Dexter: Well, so much for my self-esteem.

Dexter: Who are you and what have you done with the real Monique?
Monique: Oh, she's right here! It's just that now she knows the real Dexter.
Dexter: Come again?
Monique: You forgot your jacket last night. (hands him his jacket)
Dexter: Thank you.
Monique: And this fell out of the pocket (holds contract)
Dexter: Oh, um, this is just...all it is, all it is...
Monique: Right, It's just the contract you had Ed sign. You know the one where you take most of his money? The money he's supposed to get for his sauce
Dexter: Yeah, but...
Monique: I can't believe you would do something like that to someone who trusts you! How can you take advantage of a sweet person like Ed? And after he got you a job!
Dexter: It ain't even like that! All I wanted—
Monique: Oh, I know what you wanted! You're not his friend you're just using him to scam a little cash off the side. It must feel really good. Oh, but don't worry I'm not gonna tell Ed you're cheating him.
Dexter: Why not?
Monique: 'Cuz it would hurt him too much.

Dexter: What happened?
Ed: I just tackled some old lady.
Dexter: All right, Ed!

Dexter: So you poured that stuff in the meat didn't you?
Ed: I had to.
Dexter: You had to?
Ed: Sure. See, I knew that if I took the can, there was a good chance I'd get caught. Then I thought that even if I did take the triambythal to the proper authorities, Kurt would hire some high-powered attorney who dispute any charges brought against him or Mondo Burger, by manipulating the legal system. And the way that America's court system is congested these days, It would have taken months to convict him of anything. So then I thought, I just take the matter into my own hands and pour the triambythal into the meat supply and let Mondo Burger be a victim of its own foul play.
Dexter: Wait-wait-wait...You thought of all that?
Ed: Sure, I'm not stupid.

Ed: Um, Dexter? I just want to say that, well, I'm really gonna miss you...a lot. And um, I will always remember you, Dexter Reed. In my thoughts and in my heart. Goodbye, my friend. (hugs Dexter)
Dexter: Um, Ed? I'm not going anywhere man. (Ed let's him go)
Ed: Oh.

Ed: Remember: When you mess with Good Burger--
Ed and Dexter: You go in the grinder!

(the cops take Kurt away for illegally adding food additives to his burgers)
Ed and Dexter: Kurt's goin' to jail!
Kurt's goin' to jail!
Kurt's goin' to jail! Jail! Jail!
Kurt's goin' to jail!
Kurt's goin' to jail!
Jail! Jail! Jail!
Kurt's goin' to jail!
Kurt's goin' to jail!
Kurt's goin' to jail! Jail! Jail!


  • A comedy with everything on it.
  • Coming to dinners this Summer.
  • For Good Burger, the home of the Good Burger...
  • Nickelodeon is back starring Kenan and Kel.
  • You saw that but All That.


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