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The title card for Good Morning, Mickey!

Good Morning, Mickey! was a television series on Disney Channel beginning in 1983, which featured classic Disney shorts. Although Mickey Mouse shorts, without surprise, were the primary programming, additional cartoons featuring Goofy, Donald Duck, Chip 'n Dale, Pluto, and others were also shown. It was first aired on April 18, 1983, the day Disney Channel was launched. Its timeslot for its early run was at 7 AM Eastern Time, making it the first program of the Disney Channel's 16 (later 18) hour programming day. It was followed by Donald Duck Presents. The series was partially Disney Channel's first original series.

Preceded by
Disney Channel Original Series Succeeded by
Welcome to Pooh Corner

Episode list

# Title 1 Title 2 Title 3 Title 4
001 The Simple Things Boat Builders Dude Duck Two Gun Goofy
002 On Ice Camp Dog Donald's better self How to dance
003 The Whalers Pluto and the Gopher Out of Scale Tennis Racquets
004 Thru the Mirror Plutos's sweater Donald Applecore Lion Down
005 The Band Concert Rescue Dog Donald's golf game The lone chipmunks
006 Moose Hunters Cold Storage Up a tree Have to have an accident in the home
007 Mickey's parrot Lend a paw Donald's vacation How to sleep
008 Mickey's garden Pluto's Heart Throb Working for Peanuts Goofy gymnastics
009 The Pointer Window Cleaners All in a nutshell The Big Wash
010 Symphony Hour Bone Trouble Fire chief Two chips and miss
011 Mickey's Circus Mail Dog Three for breakfast Motor Mania
012 Lonesome ghosts Wonder dog Dragon around How to ride a horse
013 Mickey's trailer Peats of the west The hockey champ Chip an' Dale
014 Hawaiian holiday Sheep dog Donald'd lucky day Corn Chips
015 The Clock Watcher Cold turkey Modern inventions Californy er bust
016 Mickey's birthday party Pluto's playmate Honey Harvester The new neighbor
017 Brave Little tailor Pluto and the Zoo Rugged Bear A knight for a day
018 Orphan's benefit Plutopia Bee on guard Beezy Bear
019 Mickey's Elephant Bone Bandit Wet paint Hockey homecide
020 Mickey's Delayed Date Pluto's Purchase Sea Scouts Pioneer Days
021 Moving Day The Purloined Pup Daddy Duck Father's Day Off
022 The Worm Turns Cat Nap Pluto Self Control How to Play Baseball
023 A gentleman's gentleman Baggage buster Canvas Back Duck The cactus kid
024 Cannie caddy The flying jalopy They're off Donald Duck and the gorilla
025 Pluto and the Armadillo The Flying Squirrel Double Dribble Donald's Ostrich
026 The autograph hound Primitive Pluto Let's Stick Together The Klondike kid
027 Donald's Off Day Puss-Cafe Hello Aloha Cured Duck
028 Squatter's Rights Golden Eggs Plane Crazy Dumb Bell Of The Yukon
029 Food For Feudin' Old Sequoia The Mail Pilot Drip Dippy Donald
030 Billposters In Dutch Lambert, The Sheepish Lion Donald's Double Trouble
031 The Nifty Nineties Chips Ahoy The Olympic Champ Trial Of Donald Duck
032 The Brave Engineer Donald's Dream Voice Shangaied Soup's On
033 Mickey's Fire Brigade Slide, Donald, Slide Building A Building Out On A Limb
034 The Country Cousin Donald's Diary Pluto's Party Grand Canyon Scope
035 Three Blind Mouseketeers Donald's Snow Fight Two Weeks Vacation Crazy Over Daisy
036 Morris, The Midget Moose Sea Salts Touchdown Mickey Donald's Tire Trouble
037 Bath Day Donald's Garden Pluto's Fledgling Lucky Number
038 Magician Mickey Sleepy Time Donald Hooked Bear Donald's Dog Laundry
039 Springtime For Pluto Crazy With The Heat Grasshoper And The Ants No Hunting
040 Bubble Bee Winter Storage Mickey's Steam-Roller Inferior Decorator
041 Pluto's Surprise Package Foul Hunting Pigs Is Pig Hook, Lion And Sinker
042 Mother Pluto Trailer Horn Dognapper Donald's Dilemma
043 Mickey And The Seal Truant Officer Donald Pluto's Kid Brother Beach Picnic
044 Legend Of Coyote Rock Plastics Inventor Ye Olden Days Trombone Trouble
045 Dog Watch The Greener Yard The Pied Piper Spare The Rod
046 Social Lion Donald And Pluto In The Bag Don Donald
047 Mickey's Rival Lighthouse Keeping Home Made Home Chicken In The Rough
048 Mickey's Amateurs Father's Lion Blue Rhythm Polar Trappers
049 The Little Whirlwind Chef Donald T-Bone For Two Wild Waves
050 Mickey Down Under Donald's Nephew Pueblo Pluto Old Macdonald Duck
051 Mr Mouse Takes A Trip Put-Put Troubles Ferdinand The Bull Gallopin' Gaucho
052 Tugboat Mickey Uncle Donald's Ants Canine Patrol Timber
053 Alpine Climbers Bellboy Donald The Delivery Boy Grin And Bear It
054 Pluto, Junior Duck Pimples The Beach Party Tea For Two Hundred
055 R'Coon Dawg Donald's Happy Birthday Mickey In Arabia Early To Bed
056 Clock Cleaners Chicken Little Hold That Pose Bootle Beetle
057 Mickey's Grand Opera The Riveter The Sleep Walker Donald's Gold Mine
058 Pluto's Blue Note Donald's Cousin Gus The Pet Store Tiger Trouble
059 First Aiders Donald In Mathmagic Land Goofy And Wilbur Bee At The Beach
060 Society Dog Show Clown Of The Jungle How To Play Golf Good Time For A Dime
061 Pluto's Housewarming No Sail How To Be A Detective Mr. Duck Steps Out
062 Mickey's Service Station Goofy's Glider Figaro And Frankie Wide Open Spaces
063 Straight Shooters Fathers Are People Donald's Crime Mickey's Kangaroo
064 The Eye Have It How To Swim A Cowboy Needs A Horse Victory Vehicles
065 Canine Casanova Officer Duck Three Little Wolves How To Fish
066 The Practical Pig Art Of Self Defense Test Pilot Donald Man's Best Friend
067 Lion Around Father's Noah's Ark Tomorrow We Diet Private Pluto
068 Three Little Pigs How To Play Football Don's Fountain Of Youth Teachers Are People
069 Little Toot Cold War Good Scouts Steamboat Willie
070 The Army Mascot Old King Cole Two Gun Mickey African Diary
071 Aquamania Peter And The Wolf The Fox Hunt
072 Contrary Condor How To Be A Sailor

For Whom The Bulls Toil

073 Donald's Penguin Casey At The Bat Orphan's Picnic Little Hiawatha
074 Paul Bunyan The Three Caballeros Frank Duck Brings 'Em Back Alive
075 The Big Bad Wolf Susie, The Little Blue Coupe Lake Titicaca
076 Mickey And The Beanstalk Pluto's Quin-Puplets
077 Sky Trooper Tortoise And The Hare Donald's Penguin The Ugly Duckling
078 Nifty Nineties Donald's Double Trouble Once Upon A Wintertime Donald's Diary
079 Trick Or Treat Lonesome Ghosts The Seleton Dance Donald Duck And The Gorilla
080 Pluto's Christmas Tree Donald's Snow Fight Art Of Skiing Toy Tinkers


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