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"Good Times with Weapons"
South Park episode
801 image 04.jpg
The boys in their imagined Ninja personae
Episode no. Season 8
Episode 1
Written by Trey Parker
Directed by Trey Parker
Original airdate March 17, 2004
Season 8 episodes
South Park – Season 8
March 17, 2004 – December 15, 2004
  1. Good Times with Weapons
  3. Up the Down Steroid
  4. The Passion of the Jew
  5. You Got F'd in the A
  6. Goobacks
  7. The Jeffersons
  8. Douche and Turd
  9. Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes
  10. Pre-School
  11. Quest for Ratings
  12. Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset
  13. Cartman's Incredible Gift
  14. Woodland Critter Christmas

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"Good Times with Weapons" is episode 112 of South Park. The first episode of Season 8, it originally aired on March 17, 2004. The episode's animation routinely switches from the usual cutout-and-solid-color style to a highly stylized anime theme. Asian-style ambience plays in the background.

This was also one of ten episodes to be featured on South Park: The Hits DVD. In addition, it was voted the second best South Park episode of all time by fans in the United States, while being ranked the third best among fans in the United Kingdom. This episode was one of the first to be available in high definition, available on Xbox 360's Marketplace. A promotional HD DVD was also released exclusively for Best Buy. The show was rated TV MA on Comedy Central, but was rated TV 14 LV on MTV.



At the South Park County Fair, the boys come across a vendor dealing "authentic weapons from the Far East". After tricking him into selling them several dangerous ninja weapons, they pretend to be ninjas, each with his own individual powers and weapons. It was then that they turned into anime form. The boys refuse to let Butters play, so he becomes his alter ego, Professor Chaos, and sets off to fight them in a stylized anime sequence, but ends abruptly when Kenny throws a shuriken into Butters's left eye. In order to avoid having to explain themselves by taking him to a regular hospital, the boys dress Butters up as a dog and begin their journey to a veterinarian.

With a shuriken in the eye and dressed as a dog, Butters unsuccessfully tries to seek medical help.

The boys hide Butters in an abandoned stove before facing off with Craig's gang, but he escapes during the fight. After an epic battle, featuring the "Let's Fighting Love" song, the boys realize that Butters has disappeared and try to find him before he can tell anyone. Butters makes his way to the hospital, but his disguise fools the doctor, who sends him off to the animal shelter. At the shelter, the still-wounded Butters is urinated and defecated on by multiple other dogs. The elderly animal doctor, also fooled, makes no attempt to treat him, preparing instead to put him to sleep. Before he can do so, however, Butters escapes.

Craig and the others inform the boys that they have seen Butters wandering around on the other side of the fair auction. Cartman strips to use his power of 'invisibility' to get to Butters undetected, unwittingly exposing his penis and entire body to the audience. Butters stumbles onto the stage a few moments later and collapses. The final scene of the episode shows the townsfolk protesting at an emergency meeting about the outrage at the auction. The boys are under the impression that the outrage in question is Butters's wound, but it soon transpires that the real polemic is Cartman's public nudity. Nevertheless, they were shocked by Butters' eye wound once they first saw it and managed to get medical attention for him, removing the star and covering what's of the eye injury with an eye patch, much to Butters' relief. Cartman's explanation is that it was a "wardrobe malfunction", and the episode ends with the boys addressing the issue that adults are more offended by sex over violence, allowing them to keep their weapons.


This episode includes "Let's Fighting Love", a theme song that mixes Japanese and English lyrics. The song is performed by series creator Trey Parker. [1]

Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone jokingly referred to 2004 in their DVD commentary as "The Year From Hell". This was due to the fact that they were filming and premiering Team America: World Police while at the same time working on the season, which caused them a considerable amount of writer's block.The episode addresses the issue of sex controversy over violence, in America. The episode's animation routinely switches from the usual cutout-and-solid-color style to a highly stylized anime theme. Asian-style ambience plays in the background.


The episode addresses the issue of sex controversy over violence in America while parodying the anime genre.


  1. ^ Audio Commentary on "Good Times with Weapons" with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, "South Park: The Hits, Vol. 1," Comedy Central Home Entertainment, 2006.

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