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Google Browser Sync
Google Browser Sync settings.png
Settings of Google Browser Sync
Developer(s) Google
Stable release 1.3.20070523 / May 25, 2007
Operating system Firefox 1 and 2 (not 3)
Development status discontinued
Type Synchronization
License New BSD License

Google Browser Sync is a software application released as freeware from Google. It debuted in Google Labs on 8 June 2006, and as of June 2008 has been discontinued. It allows users of Mozilla Firefox up to versions 2.x to synchronize their web browser settings across multiple computers via the Internet. It is not compatible with Firefox 3.0 (and Google will not make it compatible, see below).

Google Browser Sync requires a Google account, in which the user's cookies, saved passwords, bookmarks, browsing history, tabs, and open windows can be stored. The data is optionally encrypted using an alphanumerical PIN, which theoretically prevents even Google from reading the data. Passwords and cookies are always encrypted and can only be accessed by the user.


Google Browser Sync and Firefox 3

Google Browser Sync has been discontinued, and the download has been replaced with the following text:[1]

Google Browser Sync is no longer available for download. Instead, to get similar functionality, we suggest using Mozilla Weave, Google Toolbar for Firefox, or Foxmarks. Support for current Google Browser Sync users will continue through 2008. We've also posted the code to Google Code in hopes that someone will use it to develop something cool.

That being so, it will not be updated for Firefox 3. However, the code has been made available to the public.[2]

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