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Goopy Bagha Phire Elo

DVD cover for Goopy Bagha Phire Elo.
Directed by Sandip Ray
Produced by Government of West Bengal
Written by Satyajit Ray
Starring Tapen Chatterjee
Rabi Ghosh
Ajit Bandyopadhyay
Kamu Mukherjee
Music by Satyajit Ray
Editing by Dulal Dutta
Release date(s) 1991
Running time 119 minutes
Country India
Language Bengali
Preceded by Hirak Rajar Deshe

Goopy Bagha Phirey Elo (Bengali: গুপী বাঘা ফিরে এলো) (1991) is the third sequel of Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne series. It was directed by Sandip Ray and written by his father Satyajit Ray. This film was released eleven years after its predecessor Hirak Rajar Deshe.



Goopy Gayen and Bagha Bayen rule the kingdom of Shundi now. They are bored in living a life of a king. They want to get back to those adventurous days but their age comes in their way. The leave the kingdom for search of new experience. They reach at Anandagarh and win the heart of the king by singing. In the court room they meet Brahmananda Acharya, who invites Goopy and Bagha to come to Anandagarh fort. When they go to his place he offers them a job to steal three valuable stones as they have miraculous powers gifted by Bhuter Raja (King of Ghosts). In return he promises to make them 20 years younger. They stole two rare stones with a hope to become young again. But then in their dream the King of Ghost appears and advice them to keep off from injustice. They apologise to him and return the stones to the respective owners.[1]



BFJA Awards in 1993

  1. Best Art Direction to Ashok Bose
  2. Best Choreography to Barun Raha
  3. Best Editing to Dulal Dutta
  4. Best Lyrics to Satyajit Ray
  5. Best Music to Satyajit Ray
  6. Best Playback Singer (Male) to Anup Ghoshal
  7. Most Outstanding Work of the Year to Tapen Chatterjee


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