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Gopal Ganesh Agarkar (1856–1895) was a social reformer from Maharashtra, India during the British Raj. He was the first editor of Kesari, a prominent Marathi weekly in his days which was started by Lokmanya Tilak in 1880-81. He subsequently left Kesari out of ideological differences with Tilak concerning the primacy of political reforms versus social reforms, and started his own periodical Sudharak.

Agarkar, Tilak, and Vishnu Shastri Chiplunkar were the founder members of Deccan Education Society.

Tilak and Agarkar:

Tilak and Agarkar had contrasting characteristics although both came from families with same ideologies. By nature Tilak was extremist, while agarkar was of moderates' philosophy. They say Jahal Tilak ani Maval Agarkar in marathi.

Tilak was born with a silver spoon, while agarkar was born in indigence. His financial condition was so bad, that He used to study in the light of streetlamp during his college days, wear only one shirt, and never never would hire a train or auto for traveling.

Ideological Confilict led to separation of these two legends. Bibliography: Agarkar(A Marathi Novel)- Y. D. Phadake


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