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Gordon Dwane Novel (July 4, 1939) is known for several controversial investigations, allegations connected with intelligence agencies and currently for his commitments to fight the alleged conspiracy of free energy suppression[1].


White House

Novel started to work in the White House in 1966, at the time of President Johnson, under the auspices of the United States Department of State, Office of Security and Intelligence. He was responsible for the installation of certain electronics that interfered with hypothetical covert listening devices.

JFK's assassination

He was asked to work on an ongoing investigation into the assassination of US President Kennedy by Walter Jenkins (Johnson's top administrative assistant) and Walter Sheridan (Federal investigator and associate of the Kennedy family). With the help of his longtime friend Willard E. Robertson, he became Jim Garrison's chief of security, working in New Orleans. He himself claims that, during his function as chief of security, he found out that Garrison was fabricating evidence, which Novel disapproved of. Novel made speculations that JFK's assassination was orchestrated by a larger conspiracy, with Lee Harvey Oswald serving as a patsy[2]. Writers like William Torbitt[3] and Paris Flammonde[4] have made allegations that in 1963 Mr. Novel was a CIA agent who was involved with the assassination of US President Kennedy. Over the years Novel has been engaged in various activities connected to the CIA, however he claims to have never been an agent, yet has affiliations with the CIA. The FBI has stated that Novel attempted to fake photographic evidence to link Fidel Castro with the assassination.[5]


As a result of the Watergate scandal, Novel was asked by Chief Counsel for President Nixon, Charles Colson, to build a degaussing device that could erase the famous Watergate tapes without leaving traces. Novel started erasing, but was unable to erase all of the 4004 tapes before being pulled from the task. However he claims to have been able to listen to all the tapes, which supposedly gave him knowledge about a whole range of hidden backgrounds. Among these backgrounds were plans by Nixon administration to hold Senate hearings about a postmortem on the Vietnam war. Planned for these Senate hearings were revelations of military involvement into illegal drug trade from the Golden Triangle, in order to fund alleged secret projects of a powerful covert group.


Novel was involved with research into the Waco Siege of 1993, working with former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, whom he knew from his time at the White House. Ramsey Clark had provided legal counsel for the Branch Davidian leader David Koresh. He speculates that a FLIR tape, made by a FBI Nightstalker aircraft, indicates serious misconduct, e.g. federal agents firing upon people inside the compound while they were trying to flee the fire. Novel claims that former CIA Director William Colby collaborated with him on the research and discovered evidence of misconduct on the higher levels of command including the FBI.


Novel has been involved in the UFO research community and claims to be in a complicated conflict with the alleged secret group Majestic 12[6]. He claims to be working with a group of scientists including Jack Sarfatti and intelligence agents, calling themselves the Knights Temporal, to fight the alleged conspiracy of free energy suppression. Currently, he is working on a movie project, with the title "Kingdoms come", with Doug Ivanovich of the nonprofit organization World Peace One, and David Sarnoff's grandson Danny, which is supposed to address many of his claims.


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