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The Government of the Republic of Estonia (Estonian: Vabariigi Valitsus) exercises executive power pursuant to the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Estonia. It is also known as the cabinet.

The cabinet carries out the country’s domestic and foreign policy, shaped by parliament (Riigikogu); it directs and co-ordinates the work of government institutions and bears full responsibility for everything occurring within the authority of executive power. The government, headed by the Prime Minister, thus represents the political leadership of the country and makes decisions in the name of the whole executive power.

The following duties are attributed to the cabinet:

  1. executes the domestic and foreign policies of the state;
  2. directs and co-ordinates the activities of government agencies;
  3. administers the implementation of laws, resolutions of the Riigikogu (Parliament), and legislation of the President of the Republic of Estonia;
  4. introduces bills, and submits international treaties to the Riigikogu for ratification and denunciation;
  5. prepares the draft of the state budget and submits it to the Riigikogu, administers the implementation of the state budget and presents a report on the implementation of the state budget to the Riigikogu;
  6. issues regulations and orders on the basis of and for the implementation of law;
  7. manages relations with other states;
  8. performs other duties which the Constitution and the laws vest in the Government of the Republic.


Current Cabinet

The current cabinet was approved by the Riigikogu on 7 April 2007. In 2009 there were several changes to the Cabinet, all recorded below.


Prime Minister

Ministry of Education and Research

Ministry of Population Affairs

  • Urve Palo, Estonian Minister of Population Affairs (until May 21, 2009)
  • vacant since May 21, 2009

Ministry of Regional Affairs

  • Vallo Reimaa, Estonian Minister of Regional Affairs (until January 20, 2008)
  • Siim-Valmar Kiisler, Estonian Minister of Regional Affairs (since January 23, 2008)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Social Affairs

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

  • Juhan Parts, Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications

Ministry of Culture

Ministry of the Environment

Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Justice


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