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  • Government of Guernsey
  • Policy Council of Guernsey
    • Chief Minister: Lyndon Trott
    • Deputy Chief Minister:
    • Treasury Minister:
    • Home Minister:
    • Health Minister:
    • Education Minister:
    • Employment Minister:
    • Leisure Minister:
    • Public Services Minister:
    • Enivronment Minister:
    • Social Security Minister:
    • Housing Minister:

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Guernsey operates a system of consensus, non-executive government with no political parties. Politicians are elected as independents to the States of Deliberation and serve as part of the executive and legislature. Government is divided into ten departments, each run by boards or committees of five political members.

Despite having explicitly rejected a proposal to adopt an executive/ministerial system of government in 2002, the heads of each department are known as ministers. They are in effect presidents or chairmen of their boards, and in 2009 the States of Deliberation (the island's parliament) shall debate a proposal to scrap the title 'minister' in favour of the more traditional 'president'.

The Policy Council consists of the ministers/presidents of each of the ten departments plus the chief minister, who chairs Policy Council. The chief minister and all department heads are elected by all members of the States of Deliberation. There also exists the post of Deputy Chief Minister, which is held by one of the department heads and is also elected by all members of the States of Deliberation.

As of 7 April 2009, the Policy Council of Guernsey consists of the following members: [1]

  • Chief Minister: Lyndon S. Trott
  • Deputy Chief Minister: Bernard M. Flouquet
  • Minister, Department of Treasury & Resources: Charles N. K. Parkinson
  • Minister, Home Department: Geoffrey H. Mahy
  • Minister, Department of Health & Social Services: A. Hunter Adam
  • Minister, Department of Education: Carol A. Steere
  • Minister, Department of Commerce & Employment: Carla S. McNulty Bauer
  • Minister, Department of Culture & Leisure: Michael G. O'Hara
  • Minister, Department of Public Services: Bernard M. Flouquet
  • Minister, Department of Environmnent: Peter R. Sirett
  • Minister, Department of Social Security: Mark H. Dorey
  • Minister, Department of Housing: David B. Jones


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