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The Government of the Slovak Republic (Slovak: Vláda Slovenskej republiky) is the executive branch of government in Slovakia.

It is led by a prime minister (premiér), who is nominated by the president, and is usually a leader of majority party or of a majority coalition after an election to the National Council of the Slovak Republic. The Cabinet appointed by the president on recommendation of the prime minister must receive a majority in the council.

Current government

The Summer Archbishop's Palace is the seat of the Government

The current government was formed on 4 July 2006 after early election in June 2006. It is formed by the coalition of Direction – Social Democracy (Smer), Slovak National Party (SNS) and of the People's Party – Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (ĽS-HZDS) and its leader is Robert Fico, leader of Smer. There are 11 members of Smer, 3 members of SNS, and 2 members of the ĽS-HZDS in the government.

Position Portfolio Name Party
Prime Minister General Affairs Robert Fico Smer-SD
Deputy Prime Minister Knowledge-Based Society, European Affairs, Human Rights and Minorities Dušan Čaplovič Smer-SD
Deputy Prime Minister Interior Robert Kaliňák Smer-SD
Deputy Prime Minister Education Ján Mikolaj SNS
Deputy Prime Minister Justice Štefan Harabin ĽS-HZDS
Minister Agriculture Stanislav Becík ĽS-HZDS
Minister Finance Ján Počiatek Smer-SD
Minister Foreign Affairs Miroslav Lajčák Smer-SD
Minister Economy Ľubomír Jahnátek Smer-SD
Minister Transport, Post and Telecommunications Ľubomír Vážny Smer-SD
Minister Health Care Richard Raši Smer-SD
Minister Defence Jaroslav Baška Smer-SD
Minister Culture Marek Maďarič Smer-SD
Minister Labour, Social Affairs and Family Viera Tomanová Smer-SD
Minister Construction and Regional Development Igor Štefanov SNS
Minister Environment Ján Chrbet SNS

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