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Governorates of Iraq

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A map of Iraq with Governates and Districts

Iraq is divided into 18 governorates (or provinces) (muḥāfażah):

  1. Baghdād (بغداد)
  2. Salāh ad-Dīn (صلاح الدين)
  3. Diyālā (ديالى)
  4. Wāsit (واسط)
  5. Maysān (ميسان)
  6. Al-Basrah (البصرة)
  7. Dhī Qār (ذي قار)
  8. Al-Muthannā (المثنى)
  9. Al-Qādisiyyah (القادسية)
  1. Bābil (بابل)
  2. Karbalā' (كربلاء)
  3. An-Najaf (النجف)
  4. Al-Anbar (الأنبار)
  5. Nīnawā (نينوى)
  6. Duhok (دهوك)
  7. Arbīl (أربيل)
  8. Kirkuk (or At-Ta'mim) (التاميم)
  9. As-Sulaymāniyyah (السليمانية)

The current set of governorates was established in 1976. [1]

The governorates are divided into qadhas (or districts). The map on the right shows the districts (but does not show the district names) within each governorate.

Autonomous Region

Iraq currently has one autonomous region, Kurdish Autonomous Region, which is also known as Iraqi Kurdistan.

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