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Grace Sharington

Grace Sharington
Background information
Birth name Amy Helen Gilbertson
Also known as Ami Linn Gilbertson
Born 21 November 1971 (1971-11-21) (age 38)
Chicago, Illinois
Genres Rock, pop, electronic
Occupations songwriter, singer, model, host, businesswoman
Years active 1994–present
Labels ProSkorp, RCA, Dead Dog, Tanglewood, AEMMP, Dremana Productions
Associated acts Dremana, Jamie Principle, Scorpions
Website Dremana
Dremana Productions
Grace Sharington

Grace Sharington is an American songwriter, recording artist, model, host, and business woman. Prior to her career with Chicago rock band Dremana, she competed in the Iowa Miss America pageant and later modeled in two special edition magazines published by Playboy Magazine. She presently operates two companies – Dremana Productions, Inc.[1], and Sharington Consulting, while continuing her career in entertainment and music.


Early life and education

Grace Sharington was born on November 21, 1971 in Chicago, IL. and was adopted as the youngest child of Dorothy and Allan Gilbertson, the owners of a family home-improvement business. She was raised by the Gilbertsons from birth, and was only the child adopted of five children in the Gilbertson family. Her siblings Don, Tim, Larry, and Lynda are all ten years older or more in age. Her family home was located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and it was here that her formative upbringing took place. She remained in Cedar Rapids where she attended Kennedy High School where she excelled in language arts and creative writing. It was during High School, and with little notice to anyone else that Grace begun writing songs.

Grace Sharington’s modeling career started as a teenager at Avant Studios Modeling Agency[2] where she was later hired as a runway modeling instructor. One of her students in the child’s class was Elijah Wood, who went on to become the well-known actor in such movies as The Lord of the Rings. At age 16, Grace decided to compete with her agency by teaching modeling classes in her parent’s basement. This turned out to be fairly lucrative for an young entrepreneur and cheerleader. Shortly after graduating from high school, Grace competed in The 1991 Miss Iowa State Level[3] of the Miss America Pageant under the name of "Ami Linn" Gilbertson. Grace and was runner up to the winner Lisa Somodi[4]. Coincidentally, One member of her "Pageant Coach Team" was Sue Warner - the mother of Kurt Warner the NFL football quarterback. Grace used her Miss America scholarship to attend Mt. Mercy College[5] in Cedar Rapids where she majored in Political Science and Public Relations. She soon withdrew from college and moved to Chicago to focus on her modeling career.

Early career

During Grace’s first few years pursuing a modeling career with modeling agency Elite Model Management in Chicago, she encountered personal obstacles. Her father in Iowa was diagnosed with cancer and died five months later. Grace took an office job so she could spend time with him. She was also the victim of an aggressive stalker which led to a Federal case that went to trial two years later ending in a jail sentence for her attacker. As chance would have it, during this time frame she met [Rieckermann Ralph Riecermann], the bass player from German power-metal group The Scorpions with past hits such as “Rock You Like a Hurricane” and “Winds of Change.” Over the next two years, Grace contributed the lyrics and vocal melodies to songs “Just One You,” and “Emerald Nights,” both of which were recorded by The Scorpions. “Just One You” became an outtake on The Scorpion’s “Pure Instinct” CD. Shanrington and Rieckermann also composed a sci-fi/fantasy rock opera titled “Another God” which is currently a screenplay work-in-progress. During her time in Hamburg, Grace also continued to work as a model, appearing in popular magazines.

Grace’s songwriting experience with Rieckermann eventually brought her back to Chicago where she worked as a songwriter and recording artist for Dead Dog Records, Tanglewood Studios, and ID Productions. She wrote primarily for dance artists such as Gillette and Max-a-Million, creating two to five songs per day for the label. This is where she first met Jamie Principle, innovator of Chicago’s famous house music scene alongside other legends such as Frankie Knuckles and producer Steve Hurley. Principle and Sharington became friends but never worked on a musical project until later when Grace would form the band Dremana.

Music career

In the late 1990’s, Grace met Andre Klizentis (also known as “Spam”) at a Christmas party. The two had an instant connection – so much so, that Spam moved into Grace’s apartment less than a week later. Spam had moved from Lithuania to Chicago, IL. two years prior and was working in carpentry and construction. Grace continued working as a songwriter, and it was not until she came home early one evening to hear a complicated and beautiful arrangement being played on her guitar as she approached her apartment door. She quietly slipped into her apartment, expecting to see a musician – maybe a friend of Spam’s that she had not met. She was shocked that the person playing the guitar was her boyfriend Spam. He explained to her that when he left Lithuania, he had made a decision to leave is musical dreams there, too. He had once been the front man and composer for the popular Christian band, “Thou.” He had come to America hoping to live a simple new life. Instead, he became the composer and guitar player of the band Dremana.

Grace & Dremana Band Members

Dremana was formed by Grace Sharington and Spam in 1997. They recorded their self-titled debut CD in the hallway of Grace’s apartment in Itasca, Illinois. In order to attract the level of talent they wanted for live performances, Spam designed an innovative and technologically advanced website for that time period. They moved downtown to Chicago’s West Side (Humboldt Park) in 1999. The website attracted more musicians than they had time to audition, and they experimented with different players before landing on the right lineup of musicians that would eventually play Dremana’s music live. Dremana original crew had 6 members: Ziggy (drums), J.P. (bass), Karl Geckler (guitar), Jamie Principle (programming), Spam (guitar), and Grace Sharington (vocals).

Spam built a recording studio in the marble factory where the band rehearsed and guitarist Karl Geckler lived. Here is where they recorded their first EP “AnoundSoManyCornersNowLookWhatWeveBecome.” Unfortunately as happens with musical couples, Spam and Grace were no longer a item, but continued to build their company (Dremana Productions) and help produce other musicians with the assistance of Jamie Principle.

Eventually drummer Ziggy was replaced by Greg York and bass player J.P. by Jason Habbley. Dremana experienced moderate success. “Mandarin Martini” and “The Way I Want You” reached the #6 and #20 positions on XM Radio’s most played unsigned bands. Dremana also incorporated singer/rapper Leah Beabout dubbed “Feminem” by Spin Magazine in April/2002 in the song “Roach Coach” and backup vocals. After touring in 2004, Grace and Spam took a break from making music, then decided to move to Austin, Texas. Since moving to Austin, Spam has recorded a full-length CD that is set for release in 2010. Grace has also recorded a full-length acoustic project that “has not yet found the right producer.” Dremana is currently experimenting with a new lineup of live players in order to release their long-awaited second full-length CD. They are also working on the music video for “Blood and Chocolate[6],” the first single of the new CD.

Playboy model

While doing a photo shoot for her band, Dremana, the photographer asked if he could submit the pictures to Playboy since he often worked with them. Grace agreed, thinking humorously about the contrast between being in The Miss Iowa Miss America Pageant then Playboy's 2001 Natural Beauties: The Naked Truth About Beauty[7]. It reminded her of Vanessa Williams, and inspired Dremana’s song “Penthouse to Disney.” Grace appears in two Playboy Newsstand Specials: Sexy Girls Next Door (1999) and Natural Beauties (2001). Grace has been asked to appear in more issues, but declined.


After moving to Austin, Texas, Grace attended and graduated from CSB Broadcasting School in 2008 and is currently scheduled to host this year’s 2010 SXSW Austin Lifestyle podcast produced by Paul Terry Walhus' company SpringNet.

Dremana Productions, Inc.

Grace Sharington is the co-owner of Dremana Productions, which originated as a recording studio in Chicago, IL. in 2000. Since then, it has grown into a full-fledged multi-media company that specializes in high caliber web design, branding, and corporate imaging. Dremana Productions has never advertised and continues to double in growth every year solely through referral and repeat business.

Sharington Consulting

In 2007, Grace began traveling to Shanghai, China to work with Perfect Media (Pokeman, Oragami Warriors, Porroro) to help write a television theme song that would be fitting to a young Western audience. Through this process, Grace was introduced to BesTVV and The Shanghai Media Group where she now works as an independent agent by submitting American musical acts for programming consideration.


Grace has never been married nor had children. She has been engaged, and considers that information private. Grace has a Bengal (cat) cat named Bodacious William Sharington II, which she calls “Bode.” Her favorite hobbies are boxing and cooking. She enjoys spending time at temples and churches.


  1. ^ Dremana Productions is a multimedia production company with offices in Austin, TX and Chicago, IL
  2. ^ The agency is in Chicago, IL
  3. ^ Amy (Grace) won Miss Linn County to qualify for the Miss Iowa Pageant
  4. ^ List of Miss Iowa winners are found here
  5. ^ Mt. Mercy College is located at 1330 Elmhurst Drive, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  6. ^ Blood and Chocolate is directed by Katja von Garniers
  7. ^ 2001 Natural Beauties: The Naked Truth About Beauty was a specialty magazine issued by Playboy Publications

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