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Graduation (Kim Possible)
Directed by Steve Loter
Produced by Mark McCorkle
Bob Schooley
Kurt Weldon
Starring Christy Carlson Romano
Will Friedle
Nancy Cartwright
Tahj Mowry
Distributed by Disney Channel
Release date(s) September 7, 2007
Country United States
Language English
Preceded by So The Drama

Disney's Kim Possible Episode: Graduation is the final episode of the Kim Possible series. It is a two-length episode that premiered on September 7, 2007 on the Disney Channel, advertised as Kim Possible's last episode.


The day is soon coming for Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable - they're graduating! As Kim gets excited for Graduation Day, Ron worries that graduation means the end of his relationship with Kim. The episode starts out as Kim and Ron bust into Drakken's new lair, where he has a "new" plan is to create an army of "killer plants". He squirts some "green goo" onto the floor, but his invention turns into a mass of nice flowers. Kim and Shego battle, while Rufus sneaks onto Drakken's portable tank. It explodes, and Drakken recovers, but his neck grows petals. Then the lair shakes, Kim and Ron get out, and the lair grows flowers.

After, Kim hears about some major eruptions on golf courses. She thinks Duff Killigan is behind it, but Duff assures her he had nothing to do with it, going so far as to point out that his own personal golf course was defaced as well. Other similar signs are appearing on different grounds in the world. On Kim's graduation day, she is abducted by aliens, and so is Dr. Drakken. They both find out that Warmonga (an alien that Drakken had tricked and that Kim defeated) and Warmonga's planet leader, Warhok, were up to this. Warhok and Warmonga's plans were to destroy (or conquer) Earth. Giant robot tripods are taking all the cities in the worlds and communications and energy are disturbed.

Ron and Shego travel to outer space on Dr. Possible's rocket ship to find Kim and Drakken. In the meantime, Drakken's flower petals grow destructive vines that obey him and he is able set Kim and himself free. When Kim and Ron meet, they leap into each others arms. Drakken and Shego meet, too, and they are more than happy to see each other. Rufus turns off the starship's energy, causing it to crash while Kim, Ron, Drakken, and Shego safely land. Drakken elaborates a plan and covers Warhok and Warmonga in flowers, as well as their army of giant robots, that is nicely destroyed. Suddenly, Warhok and Warmonga free themselves and Warhok picks up Kim. Ron, outraged, uses his full "mystical monkey power" (also referenced as Tai Shing Pek Kwar, given to him in the 13th episode, "Monkey Fist Strikes") and comprehensively defeats the two aliens, apparently killing them and completely destroying their spaceship in the process. (He, at the same time turns blue, which may be a reference to episode 71 in which Warmonga believes Dr. Drakken to be "The Great Blue".)

After, Kim and Ron graduate peacefully with the rest of the seniors (except for Bonnie, who has blown her chance of receiving one more point of credit after missing a pop quiz a week before the graduation out of ignorance, thus being forced to go to summer school, much to her anger) and at the United Nations palace Drakken is given an award (presumably for having saved the world). Suddenly, a vine grows out of Drakken's neck, grabbing Shego and Drakken together, and they both smile.

Later, Kim and Ron are at a scene at the beach, with all of Kim's friends and schoolmates, playing volleyball. Bonnie, on the other hand, spends her time studying for summer school. Kim and Ron jump into a car, and Kim then tells Ron, "Told you graduation wasn't the end of the world!" They both kiss and the car flies out ahead into the distance with their classmates waving them off, a reference to the ending of "Grease".

After the titles, Professor Dementor amiably mocks Dr. Drakken about his paradoxical role of savior of the world. Then Dementor asks what many have wondered: "Why blue?". Drakken starts to tell the story, but is cut off by the end of the credits. He is last heard saying "It was a Tuesday..." Because this is the series finale, The viewer never got to know how Drakken's skin turned blue.


Actor Role Notes
Christy Carlson Romano Kimberly Ann "Kim" Possible Heroine, Main Character
Will Friedle Ronald "Ron" Stoppable Kim's boyfriend/Mad Dog
Nancy Cartwright Rufus Ron's pet naked mole rat
Tahj Mowry Wade Load Kim's computer genius
John DiMaggio Dr. Drakken Kim's archrival, who teams up with her to save the world
Nicole Sullivan Shego Drakken's evil sidekick
Gary Cole Dr. James Timothy Possible Kim's Dad
Jean Smart Dr. Ann Possible Kim's Mom
Spencer Fox Jim and Tim Possible Kim's mischievous twin brothers
Raven Symoné Monique Kim's best female friend
Kirsten Storms Bonnie Rockwaller Kim's stuck-up rival

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