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The Grand Council of Fascism (Italian: Gran Consiglio del Fascismo) was the main body of Mussolini's Fascist government in Italy. A body which held and applied great power to control the institutions of government, it was created as a party body in 1923 and became a state body on 9 December 1928.

Its members were as follows:

Benito Mussolini (9 December 1928 – 25 July 1943)

Essentially, the council held these powers:

  • The power to elect the Fascist Party deputies, the nomination for the Party Secretary and other party leaders, the approval of the party statutes and the power regarding the party's policy.
  • The power to elect the Crown's line of succession including the choice of the heir to the throne, the right of the crown, the power to choose possible successors to the Prime Minister, the power to choose the function and membership of the Grand Council, the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies, the power to decide the rights and powers of the Prime Minister, international Treaties, and foreign affairs.

The Grand Council meetings were convened by the Prime Minister himself and all decree and laws could only be legalized by the approval of the Prime Minister himself. In contrast to the Führerprinzip government model in Nazi Germany, the Grand Council at least theoretically had the power to recommend that the King of Italy remove the Prime Minister from office. Therefore, it was nominally the only check on Mussolini's power.

The majority of the Grand Council ultimately voted on 25 July 1943, Dino Grandi's Order of the Day that, enforcing its formal powers, deposed Mussolini, bloodlessly, following the Allied invasion of Sicily.



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