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Grand Nixon Island
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Publisher Marvel Comics
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Type Island

Grand Nixon Island is a fictional island in Marvel Comics' shared universe, the Marvel Universe owned by disgraced ex-U.S. Army General Kreigkopf. The island itself contains Kreigkopf's military base surrounded by a vast jungle environment. The island features in The Punisher comic book series in issue #3 (American Ugly) to issue #5 (No Limits). American Ugly introduces General Kreigkopf and Grand Nixon Island. It also reveals that Kreigkopf has under his command 2,000 mercenaries and has in possession a stolen French hydrogen bomb. It is here that the general plans to send a Boeing 747 full of commandos to the European Council in Brussels to prove that he was not a man to mess with. He also planned to drop a hydrogen bomb on Europe as well.

Grand Nixon Island in other media

Grand Nixon Island appeared in the The Punisher (2005 video game) as one of the levels. The Punisher learns of General Kreigkopf's plans to launch a nuclear missile at New York City because of his hatred of America and so parachutes into Grand Nixon Island, killing the general's Russian mercenaries with the help of Nick Fury who meets up with the Punisher at one point. The Punisher also goes to Grand Nixon Island to kill General Kreigkopf himself, who ordered The Russian to attack Frank at his apartment earlier in the game. In this game Grand Nixon Island is shown to have a barracks, sniper towers, a garage, a mess hall and small gym area, gatehouses and a nuclear missile launch facility and pad connected to each other via a gondola lift link over a huge gorge, surrounded by a huge jungle environment. It also has a small hangar.



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