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Grattius, Roman poet, of the age of Augustus, was the author of a Cynegetica, a poem on hunting, of which 541 hexameter lines remain. He describes various kinds of game, methods of hunting, and the best breeds of horses and dogs.

He may have been a native of Falerii[1] but this assertion rests on the doubtful authority of a single lost manuscript, employed in an early printing. The only reference to him in any extant ancient writer is a passing reference in Ovid, Ex Ponto, (iv.16.33).

Encyclopaedia Britannica 1911 noted editions by R. Stern (1832); E. Behrens in Poetae Latini Minores (vol. i, 1879) and G. G. Curcio in Poeti Latini Minori (vol. i, 1902); and G. G. Curcio in Poeti Latini Minori (1902), and H. Schenkl, Zur Kritik des Grattius. (1898). There is an English translation by Christopher Wase, Grati Falisci Cynegeticon; Or, a Poem of Hunting, by Gratius the Faliscian (London, 1654); it has English and Latin texts on facing pages.[2]


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  • Cynegeticon, Latin text from J. Wight Duff and Arnold M. Duff, Loeb Classical Library Minor Latin Poets, vol. I; and English translation at LacusCurtius.

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