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Gravity Crash
Developer(s) Just Add Water
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Aspect ratio 1080p
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable
Release date(s) November 25, 2009
Genre(s) Multidirectional shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: E
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Gravity Crash is a multidirectional shooter released on the Playstation Network. Its visual style pays homage to arcade games of the 1980s.



The gameplay itself bears a strong resemblance to Gravitar, with the player first choosing a planet to visit from a top-level menu, and then exploring that planet in a two-dimensional side view. The planetary surfaces tend to be riddled with systems of caverns: maneuvering them while taking the constant pull of gravity into account is one of the game's principal challenges. In this it also resembles a number of earlier personal-computer games, in particular Thrust.[1]

The player can choose one of two control modes: in the first, the player's craft can fire only in the direction it is currently facing. In the second, the direction of fire is independent of the craft's orientation, controlled by the second joystick on the controller. In this mode the game also resembles the arcade classic Robotron: 2084, which introduced separate directions for movement and fire, each controlled by its own joystick.

In PlayStation Home, beginning on December 17, 2009 using the Presentation Podium events space, there will be an event for Gravity Crash. The event is called "Gravity Crash: Maze to the Mothership!" and features a maze mini-game. There are two prizes on offer here, one if the users complete the maze and another for collecting all of the crystals along the way. Successful maze-completers will be rewarded with a fully animated Gravity Crash suit for their avatar. The event is only open to the European version of Home.[2]


The game features music by the video game musician Tim Wright, who is known as CoLD SToRAGE.[1] The soundtrack has been released for purchase.


Gravity Crash received mostly positive reviews. Play's reviewer stated that the only bad thing was the "insane difficulty level."[3] Edge's reviewer also mentioned the difficulty, calling Gravity Crash "A stern, if unspectacular, challenge."[4]

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