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File:US west coast physiographic regions
The Great Basin section (22a) is bordered by the Pacific Mountain (23) and Rocky Mountain (18) divisions; the Columbia Plateau (20) and Colorado Plateau (21) provinces; and the Sonoran Desert section (22b) and Mexican Highland section (22d).
Great Basin section
physiographic region
Location western United States
Area 170,000 sq mi (440,298 kmĀ²)
Biome North American Desert ecoregion

The Great Basin section is a United States physiographic region nearly entirely within the much larger Great Basin, but which extends into the Colorado River watershed on the southeast (including the Las Vegas metropolitan area and northwest corner of Arizona), as well as into the watersheds of the Klamath River (northwest) and Sacramento River (west).

The Great Basin section's northern border in Nevada is a portion of the Great Basin Divide, the southern border extends into the Mojave Desert, and the western border is primarily the Sierra escarpment. Small portions of the section extend into the Northern Basin and Range (ecoregion) and the Sonoran Desert Level III EPA ecoregions.


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