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1923 election poster

The Greater German People's Party (German Großdeutsche Volkspartei, GDVP) was a political party during the First Republic of Austria.



The party was founded in 1920 as a coalition of 17 nationalistic parties and organisations. The only nationalist parties which did not join were the Workers Party and the Landbund. The party did not have a strong organisation but instead was supported by people who were nationalistic but not generally involved or interested in politics.[1] The party received strong support from students, teachers and bureaucrats.[2]


The party was strongly anti-semitic and supported the creation of a Volksgemeinschaft or people's community. They called for unification of Austria with Germany and free trade.[1]


During the First Republic the party never won more than 17% in elections and generally was the junior partner of the Christian Social Party in government.[3] With the rise in support for the Austrian Nazi Party in the early 1930s, the Greater German People's Party lost support and would eventually merge with the Nazi party during 1933-34.[4]


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