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Greek Brazilian
Greco Brasileiro  · Έλληνας Βραζιλιανός
Silviosantos.jpg Constantine andreou picture.jpg
Notable Greek Brazilians:

Silvio SantosConstantine Andreou

Total population
50,000 Greek Brazilians[1]
Regions with significant populations

Mainly Southeastern Brazil


Predominantly Portuguese


Predominantly Catholic, Greek Orthodox

Related ethnic groups

Other White Brazilian, Greek people

A Greek Brazilian (Portuguese: Greco-brasileiro or Heleno-brasileiro) is a Brazilian citizen of full, partial or predominantly Greek heritage – or a Greek-born person residing in Brazil.

The Greeks started immigrating in the end of the 19th and throughout the early and middle 20th century, in an attempt to find a better, more prosperous life, as well as for ideological reasons.

The Greek community in Brazil numbers more than 25,000 people. They are located throughout the country, with 20,000 Greeks living in São Paulo alone.

Notable Greek-Brazilians

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