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1964 · members Greece members · 1977
Greek legislative election, 1974
All 300 seats to the Greek Parliament
17 November 1974
First party Second party Third party
KaramanlisNatsinasAgora crop.jpg No image.png
Leader Constantine Karamanlis Georgios Mavros Andreas Papandreou
Party New Democracy (ΝΔ) Center Union-New Forces Panhellenic Socialist Movement (ΠΑΣΟΚ)
Leader since 4 October 1974 1974 3 September 1974
Last election - 171 seats, 52.72% -
Seats won 220 60 12
Seat change - -111 -
Popular vote 2,669,133 1,002,559 666,413
Percentage 54.37% 20.42% 13.58%
Swing - -32.3% -

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The first free elections since 1964 and after the end of the Greek military junta of 1967-1974 took place in Greece on November 17, 1974 during the metapolitefsi.

The winner was Konstantinos Karamanlis and his newly formed conservative party, ND (New Democracy, Νέα Δημοκρατία). Karamanlis had already formed a government of national unity just after the fall of the dictatorship. The second biggest party was the centrist Center Union - New Forces (Ένωσις Κέντρου-Νέες Δυνάμεις). Third power in the Parliament became the newly formed PASOK (Panhellenic Sosialist Movement, Πανελλήνιο Σοσιαλιστικό Κίνημα), a radical socialist party led by Andreas Papandreou, son of the former prime minister Georgios Papandreou.

Summary of the 17 November 1974 Greek Parliament (Vouli ton Ellinon) election results Votes Seats
No. No. +−
New Democracy (ND) Konstantinos Karamanlis 2,669,133 54.37 220
Center Union-New Forces George Mavros 1,002,559 20.42 60
Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) Andreas Papandreou 666,413 13.58 12
United Left (EDA, KKE, KKE Interior) Ilias Iliou 464,787 9.47 8
National Democratic Union Petros Garoufalias 52,768 1.08 -
Democratic Center Union Ioannis Zigdis 8,509 0.17 -
Revolutionary Communist Party of Greece (EKKE) 1,539 0.03 -
Liberal Democratic Union-Socialist Party 975 0.02 0
Others 42,291 0.86 -
No. of valid votes   300  
Invalid votes  


The priorities of the Karamanlis' government were:

  • The adoption of a new Constitution
  • The abolition of Monarchy after a free referendum
  • The submission of a new application for Greece's accession to the European Community.

In 1975 Konstantinos Tsatsos, a close friend of Karamanlis, was elected President of the Republic by the Greek Parliament.



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