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The Greek plebiscite of December 8, 1974 resulted in the final abolition of the monarchy in Greece and the establishment of the current Third Hellenic Republic.

After the collapse of the military junta that ruled the country from 1967, the issue of the form of government remained unsolved. The Junta had already staged a plebiscite the year before, which resulted in the establishment of the Republic (see Metapolitefsi). However, after the fall of the military regime, the new government, under Constantine Karamanlis, decided to hold another one, as Junta legal acts were considered illegal.

The results of the plebiscite were significantly in favour of the abolition of the monarchy. To date it is the last national referendum to be held in Greece.

Summary of the Greek Plebiscite
of 8 December 1974
For the abolition of monarchy 3,245,111 69.18
For the retention of monarchy 1,445,875 30.82
Valid votes 4,690,986
Invalid votes 28,508
Total number of votes 4,719,494
Registered voters 6,250,379


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