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Headquarters Green Bay, Wisconsin
Service area Green Bay and Brown County
Routes 13
Stations 1
Operator City of Green Bay
Web site Green Bay Metro

Green Bay Metro, formerly known as Green Bay Transit until 2001, is the mass transit system found in the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin. It also provides limited service in Ashwaubenon, Allouez, De Pere, and Bellevue.



The transit system service method used in the Green Bay area is called a “radial pulse” system. The system is called “radial” because the layout of the routes brings all buses to the downtown transitway and then radiates them out in a spoke-like fashion to cover the service area. It is called a “pulse” system because all routes are timed to arrive at the downtown transitway at regular intervals, allowing for transfers with little or no waiting. This type of system has been in operation since 1937.

The system does not operate on Sunday.


From 1916 through 1972, the Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPS), a privately-owned utility company, provided streetcar and bus service in the Green Bay Metropolitan Area. In the late 1960s, bus ridership decreases combined with rising expenses forced WPS to reduce deficits by cutting back on service. Service cutbacks, in turn, contributed to further decreases in ridership and even greater revenue losses, resulting in a downward spiral of service, ridership, and revenue. In April 1972, WPS offered to sell the bus company to the city of Green Bay with an agreement to reimburse the city for the full purchase price of $270,000 in the form of an operating subsidy over a five-year period. In January 1973, WPS was granted the right to discontinue bus service in the Green Bay Metropolitan Area, at which time the city of Green Bay leased the bus system from WPS through the remainder of 1973. This action avoided a discontinuance of service and allowed time for the city to create the Transit Commission, consider alternative plans for the system developed by the Brown County Planning Commission (BCPC), and prepare for a public referendum on the purchase of the system. On April 3, 1973, 71 percent of the public voted in favor on a referendum calling for the purchase of the system from WPS.

Bus routes

No. Name
1 East Mason
2 Danz/Bay Beach
3 Mather
4 Shawano
6 West Mason/NWTC
7 UWGB/Schmitt Park
9 Ninth
11 Allouez
12 Ashwaubenon/Green Bay
14 Main/Bellevue
15 Libal
16 Oneida/Gaming
17 DePere

Bus Fleet

  • 981-986 1998 Gillig Phantom
  • 401-403 2004 New Flyer D30LF
  • 901-909 2009 New Flyer D35LF




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