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The Green Bay Packers Board of Directors is the organization that serves as the owner for the Green Bay Packers football club. The Packers have been a publicly owned, non-profit corporation since August 18, 1923. The corporation currently has 111,921 stockholders, who collectively own 4,749,925 shares of stock. There have been four stock sales, in 1923, 1935, 1950 and 1997. Shares in 1923 sold for $5 apiece, while in 1997 the shares were issued at $200 each.

The corporation is governed by a seven-member Executive Committee, elected from a board of directors. The committee directs corporate management, approves major capital expenditures, establishes broad policy and monitors management's performance in conducting the business and affairs of the corporation. The president is the only officer who receives compensation. The balance of the committee is sitting gratis.


Current Executive Committee

  • Mark H. Murphy, President, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
  • Peter M. Platten, III, Vice President
  • Carl W. Kuehne, Secretary
  • Larry L. Weyers, Treasurer
  • John F. Bergstrom, Member
  • Daniel T. Ariens, Member
  • Edward J. Martin, Member
  • Robert Joyner, OSC

Board of directors

  • Justin M. Tobias
  • Daniel T. Ariens
  • Thomas D. Arndt
  • John F. Bergstrom
  • Troy M. Sugrue
  • Ave M. Bie
  • Robert C. Buchanan
  • Richard J. Chernick
  • James M. Christensen
  • Virgis W. Colbert
  • Casey Cuene
  • John H. Dickens
  • John J. Fabry
  • Andrew E. Farah
  • Susan M. Finco
  • Beverly L. French
  • Terrence R. Fulwiler
  • George F. Hartmann
  • Philip J. Hendrickson
  • George F. Kerwin
  • John C. Koeppler
  • William F. Kress
  • Carl W. Kuehne
  • Thomas J. Lutsey Jr.
  • John N. MacDonough
  • Edward N. Martin
  • Michael J. McClone
  • Mark J. McMullen
  • John C. Meng
  • Mark H. Murphy
  • Thomas M. Olejniczak
  • Thomas L. Olson
  • Bryce E. Paup
  • Peter M. Platten III
  • Michael R. Reese
  • Pat Richter
  • Gary M. Rotherham
  • Diane L. Roundy
  • Michael D. Simmer
  • Mark D. Skogen
  • K.C. Stock
  • Stephanie A. Streeter
  • Mike L. Weller
  • Larry L. Weyers
  • Michael A. Wier
  • Hon. Donald R. Zuidmulder

Directors Emeriti

  • Robert C. Gallagher
  • Daniel C. Beisel
  • Terry J. Bogart
  • John E. Broeren
  • Robert G. Bush
  • Arthur T. Chermak
  • Willie D. Davis, Hall of Fame Defensive End
  • Richard Dougherty
  • Warren H. Dunn
  • Michael B. Gage
  • Dr. Donald F. Harden
  • Rosemary Hinkfuss
  • Robert E. Harlan, past president
  • James F. Kress
  • Bernard S. Kubale
  • C. Patricia LaViolette
  • Theodore M. Leicht
  • Donald J. Long Sr.
  • Dr. Thomas A. Manion
  • Stewart C. Mills Jr.
  • Hon. Robert J. Parins, past president
  • Herman J. Reckelberg
  • Leo J. Scherer
  • Paul J. Schierl
  • Donald J. Schneider
  • Bud Selig, Commissioner of Major League Baseball
  • George J. Stathas
  • James A. Temp
  • Edward A. Thompson
  • John R. Underwood


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