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The Greenland Husky (aka Greenland Dog) is a rare dog breed descended from the Arctic Wolf with an ancestry over 12,000 years old. They are believed to have been brought to Greenland by the Thule Inuit around 1100 AD and are related to the Inuit Dog. To keep the breed pure, importing dogs to the sledding district in Greenland is not allowed and dogs taken out of the district may not return. These dogs are usually 22-25 inches tall, 66-70 lb, smart and noisy. They have a wide slightly vaulted skull, cone shaped nose, stoutly built figure, and sharp teeth. In their native country they are most often used for conveyance and hunting. They would prefer to be outdoors and would sometimes not do well in small homes. A working breed that is autonomous and stubborn, they do not always make good house pets. Especially if they are raised in a pack environment. However, if an owner establishes that they are a firm pack leader, they can be loyal and loving.



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