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For the Romanian paramilitary movement known as "Green shirts" see Iron Guard death squads. For the G.I. Joe character see Greenshirts (G.I. Joe)

The Greenshirts was the name used for followers of Eoin O'Duffy's openly fascist National Corporate Party following the split from Fine Gael. In 1936 O'Duffy led a volunteer Irish Brigade for Franco in the Spanish Civil War and retired on his return. Without him both the Greenshirts and National Corporate Party faded away. Fine Gael became one of Ireland's main democratic political parties.

The Greenshirts are different from the better known Blueshirts which was the name used by O'Duffy's followers before the split in Fine Gael, although only eighty of the Blueshirts later became Greenshirts.

Other uses

The name has also been applied to the followers of other political groups that have adopted a green shirted uniform, notably the Social Credit Party of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the French Agrarian movement of Henri Dorgeres, the Brazilian Integralists, the Romanian Iron Guard and the Hungarian National Socialist Agricultural Labourers and Workers Party.

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