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Greg Kroah-Hartman

Photo of Greg Kroah-Hartman
Other names GregKH
Occupation Programmer
Employer Novell

Greg Kroah-Hartman is a Linux kernel developer. He is the current Linux kernel maintainer for the -stable branch with Chris Wright, the staging subsystem,[1] USB,[2] driver core, debugfs, kref, kobject, and the sysfs kernel subsystems.[3] He is also the maintainer of the linux-hotplug and created the udev projects. Additionally, he helps to maintain the Gentoo Linux packages for these programs, and helps with the kernel package. He works for Novell in the SUSE Labs division. He is currently working full time on the Linux Driver Project.[4]

He is a co-author of "Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition"[5] and author of "Linux Kernel in a Nutshell",[6] and used to be a contributing editor for Linux Journal. He also contributes articles to, the news computing site.

Kroah-Hartman frequently helps in the documentation of the kernel and driver development through talks[7][8] and tutorials.[9][10] In 2006, he released a CD image of material to introduce a programmer to working on Linux device driver development.[11]


  • 2005 - Linux Device Drivers 3ed - ISBN 0-596-00590-3
  • 2006 - Linux Kernel in a Nutshell 1ed - ISBN 0-596-10079-5


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