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Directed by Nick Lyon
Produced by Jeffery Beach
Phillip J. Roth
Written by Ron Fernandez
Starring Chris Bruno
Ben Cross
Marina Sirtis
Editing by Matt Michael
Distributed by Sci Fi Channel
Release date(s) January 13, 2007
Country USA
Language English

Grendel is a 2007 film directed by Nick Lyon that is very loosely based on the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf. The made-for-television film was produced by the Sci Fi channel as an original movie for broadcasting on the Sci Fi cable television network, and began airing in January 2007 [1]. It is widely considered by critics to differ the most from the original source of any other adaption of Beowulf.

Differences from the original source

The film makes a number of fairly dramatic adjustments to the storyline of the original epic poem.

  • In the epic poem, Beowulf fights hand-to-hand with Grendel. In the film, Beowulf uses "The King's Weapon," a quadruple crossbow that fires explosive bolts.
  • Only the first half of the epic poem is adapted, leaving out the narratives of the events at the end of Beowulf's life and his funeral.
  • In the poem, Beowulf is at one point crowned a king. In the film, this is not shown.
  • In the poem, Grendel and his mother live in a cave under a swamp. In the film, they live in a forest.
  • Though Grendel is described as a descendant of Cain, the movie portrayed it as one of the Nephilim who survived the Great Flood.
  • Unferth is a prince and a son of King Hrothgar.


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