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Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics
(Grimm Meisaku Gekijou)
Genre Fantasy
TV anime
Grimm Masterpiece Theater
Director Hiroshi Saito
Studio Nippon Animation
Network Japan TV Asahi
Original run October 21, 1987March 3, 1988
Episodes 24
TV anime
New Grimm Masterpiece Theater
Studio Nippon Animation
Network Japan TV Asahi
Original run October 2, 1988March 26, 1989
Episodes 23
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Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics (グリム名作劇場 Grimm Meisaku Gekijou ?) is a Japanese animated anthology series by Nippon Animation. The episodes are adaptations of a variety of folk and fairy tales, and not limited to Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics comprises two seasons. Grimm Masterpiece Theatre (グリム名作劇場 Gurimu Meisaku Gekijou ?) aired from October 21, 1987 to March 30, 1988, for a total of 24 episodes. The New Grimm Masterpiece Theatre (新グリム名作劇場 Shin Gurimu Meisaku Gekijou ?) aired between October 2, 1988 and March 26, 1989, totaling 23 episodes. It was also localized under the series' English name.

The fairy tale anthology was broadcast in North America by Nickelodeon and in local stations throughout Latin America.



Grimm Masterpiece Theatre

# Title Based on Original air date
01 "The Travelling Musicians of Bremen"
"Bureemen no ongaku tai" (ブレーメンの音楽隊) 
Town Musicians of Bremen 1987-10-21
02 "Hansel and Gretel"
"Henzeru to Gureeteru" (ヘンゼルとグレーテル) 
Hansel and Gretel 1987-10-28
03 "The Frog Prince (Part 1)"
"Kaeru to oujo" (かえると王女) 
The Frog Prince 1987-11-04
04 "The Frog Prince (Part 2)"
"Kaeru to oujo" (かえると王女) 
The Frog Prince 1987-11-11
05 "Little Red Riding Hood"
"Akazukin" (赤ずきん) 
Little Red Riding Hood 1987-11-18
06 "The Golden Goose"
"Kin no ga chou" (金のがちょう) 
Golden Goose 1987-11-25
07 "Puss in Boots (Part 1)"
"Nagagutsu o hai ta neko" (長靴をはいた猫) 
Puss in Boots 1987-12-02
08 "Puss in Boots (Part 2)"
"Nagagutsu o hai ta neko" (長靴をはいた猫) 
Puss in Boots 1987-12-09
09 "Snow White and Rose Red"
"Yuki shiro to bara beni" (ゆき白とばら紅) 
Snow-White and Rose-Red 1987-12-16
10 "Snow White (Part 1)"
"Shirayukihime" (白雪姫) 
Snow White 1987-12-23
11 "Snow White (Part 2)"
"Shirayukihime" (白雪姫) 
Snow White 1987-12-30
12 "Snow White (Part 3)"
"Shirayukihime" (白雪姫) 
Snow White 1988-01-06
13 "Snow White (Part 4)"
"Shirayukihime" (白雪姫) 
Snow White 1988-01-13
14 "The Six Who Went Far"
"6 nin no go uke tsu" (6人のごうけつ) 
Six Soldiers of Fortune 1987-01-20
15 "The Water of Life"
"Inochi no mizu" (命の水) 
The Water of Life 1987-01-27
16 "Bluebeard"
"Ao hi ge" (青ひげ) 
Bluebeard 1987-02-03
17 "Jorinde and Joringel"
"Yorinde to Yoringeru" (ヨリンデとヨリンゲル) 
Jorinde and Joringel 1987-02-10
18 "Briar Rose"
"Nobara hime" (野ばら姫) 
Sleeping Beauty 1987-02-17
19 "Old Sultan"
"Zurutan jiisan" (ズルタンじいさん) 
Old Sultan 1987-02-24
20 "King Grizzle Beard"
"Tsugumi no hi ge no ousama" (つぐみのひげの王さま) 
King Thrushbeard 1987-03-02
21 "The Naughty Spirit"
"Akuma to dai maou" (悪魔と大魔王) 
The Devil and His Grandmother 1987-03-09
22 "The Worn-Out Dancing Shoes"
"Odori nui te boroboro ni naru kutsu" (踊りぬいてボロボロになる靴) 
The Worn-Out Dancing Shoes 1987-03-16
23 "Cinderella (Part 1)"
"Shinderera" (シンデレラ) 
Cinderella 1987-03-23
24 "Cinderella (Part 2)"
"Shinderera" (シンデレラ) 
Cinderella 1987-03-30

New Grimm Masterpiece Theatre

# Title Based on Original air date
01 "The Crystal Ball"
"Suishou no tama" (水晶の玉) 
The Crystal Ball 1988-10-02
02 "The Marriage of Mrs. Fox"
"Oku sama kitsune no go konrei" (おくさま狐のご婚礼) 
The Wedding of Mrs. Fox
03 "The Story of the Summer Garden and the Winter Garden"
"natsu no niwa to fuyu no niwa no hanashi" (夏の庭と冬の庭の話) 
Beauty and the Beast
04 "The Magic Heart"
"Kyabetsu roba" (キャベツろば) 
Donkey Cabbages
05 "Rapunzel"
"Rapuntsujēru" (ラプンツェル) 
06 "The Old Woman in the Woods"
"Mori no naka no baasan" (森のなかのばあさん) 
The Old Woman in the Wood
07 "The Faithful Watchmen"
"Do manjuu" (どまんじゅう) 
The Grave Mound
08 "The Wolf and the Fox"
"ookami to kitsune" (狼と狐) 
The Wolf and the Fox
09 "Mother Holle"
"Hore no obasan" (ホレのおばさん) 
Mother Holle
10 "The Six Swans"
"Roku wa no hakuchou" (六羽の白鳥) 
The Six Swans
11 "The Coat of Many Colours"
"sen biki gawa" (千びき皮) 
12 "Brother and Sister"
"Ane to otouto" (姉と弟) 
Brother and Sister
13 "The Four Skillful Brothers"
"meijin yon nin kyoudai" (名人四人兄弟) 
The Four Skillful Brothers
14 "The Spirit in the Bottle"
"Garasubin no naka no bakemonoe" (ガラス瓶の中の化け物) 
The Spirit in the Bottle
15 "The Iron Stove"
"Tetsu no sutoobu" (鉄のストーブ) 
The Iron Stove
16 "Bearskin"
"kuma no kawa o ki ta otoko" (熊の皮をきた男) 
17 "The Hare and the Hedgehog"
"Usagi to hari nezumi" (兎とはりねずみ) 
The Hare and the Twin Hedgehogs
18 "The Man of Iron"
"tetsu no hansu" (鉄のハンス) 
Iron John
19 "The Brave Little Tailor"
"Yuukan na chibi no shitateya" (勇敢なチビの仕立て屋) 
The Valiant Little Tailor
20 "The Wren and the Bear"
"Misosazai to kuma" (みそさざいと熊) 
The Willow-Wren and the Bear
21 "Rumpelstiltskin"
"yousei no namae" (妖精の名前) 
22 "The Water Witch who lives in the pond"
"Ike ni sumu mizu no majo" (池に住む水の魔女) 
The Nixie of the Mill-Pond or The Water Nixie
23 "Godfather Death"
"Shinigami no naduke oya" (死神の名づけ親) 
Godfather Death 1989-03-26


For the most part, the series took many liberties with many of the stories. In some cases, stories were sanitized, while others were heavily darkened. [1] [2]

Examples of sanitization (by the Japanese producers):

  • In the Cinderella episode, the tree is magic/animated and the connections to the mother's grave are omitted; also, the stepsisters do not end up blind or mutilated.
  • In Bearskin, the demon is not the devil himself, and the sisters do not commit suicide.
  • In "Brother and Sister" the heroine is not murdered or dies, although she is able to become a spirit.
  • "The Coat of Many Colors" has the prince treat the heroine very kindly, whereas the original has him abusive.

Many of the "darker" episodes were banned in North America.:

  • It should be noted that most of the episodes were banned for content not in the original storylines. It should also be noted that all of the episodes were dubbed.
  • "Bluebeard" was banned due to the climax of the corpse brides. The English dub was released on DVD and was censored.
  • "The Crystal Ball" was banned due to scary scenes. The storyline has a witch drain a princess of her life by biting her, every night, to grant herself eternal youth. The original story merely has a princess enchanted to look older.
  • "Hansel and Gretel" and "The Six Swans" were both aired, but were later pulled from airtime due to their content.
  • While not actually banned, "The Coat of Many Colors" contains a princess being forced into marriage to her own father and fleeing to another country. The English dub originally contained said plotline and was aired, but was later redubbed to remove the the incest. Although more of localization than censorship, the French dub identified her as Peau D'ane, or Donkeyskin.
  • It is unsure why "The Iron Stove" or "The Water Nymph" were banned, although the villains' designs could have been considered too provacative. "The Iron Stove" also has a scene where the heroine is chased by demons.
  • "Godfather Death" was banned for the storyline. In it, half of a doctor's patients die, and he later kills himself (although to save a child from dying.)


Limited episodes were produced in NTSC VHS by Saban International and distributed by Starmaker Entertainment Inc. in 1990 and Video Treasures/HGV Video Productions in 1992. Those volumes included:

  • Beauty and the Beast (UPC: 0-1313-29408-3)
  • The Six Who Went Far (UPC: 0-90251-94073-6)
  • Hansel & Gretel (UPC: 0-92091-4105-3)
  • Briar Rose
  • Brother & Sister
  • Coat of Many Colors
  • Jorinda and Joringle
  • King Grizzlebeard
  • Marriage of Mrs. Fox
  • Mother Hollie
  • Old Sultan
  • The Spirit in the Bottle
  • The Frog Prince
  • The Man of Iron
  • The Secret Heart
  • The Six Swans
  • The Water of Life

A few episodes were released to a single Region 2 DVD titled "Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics - Volume One" under distribution by Fox Kids and Maximum Entertainment in 2004.[3] [4] The episodes included were:

  • Hansel And Gretel
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • The Golden Goose
  • Snow White And Red Rose
  • Beauty And The Beast


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