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Ground may refer to:

  • The surface of the Earth
  • Soil, a mixture of clay, sand and organic matter present on the surface of the Earth and serving as substrate for plants growth and micro-organisms development
  • Ground, in electrical engineering, something that is connected to the Earth or at the voltage defined as zero (in the U.S., called ground; in the UK, called earth). See:
  • Ground (often grounds), in law, a rational motive, basis for a belief or conviction, for an action taken, such as a legal action or argument; reason or cause: (sued for divorce on the ground of adultery) (listed alcoholism and adultery as the grounds for divorce) (grounds for dismissal)
  • In communication, Common Ground. People share some common understanding.
  • In philosophy, socially grounded arguments are those which take as their starting point social conditions
  • Ground bass, in music, a bass part that continually repeats, while the melody and harmony over it change
  • Ground tissue, one of the three types of tissue systems in a plant
  • In symbolic logic, a "ground term" is a term with no variables
  • A Football stadium
  • A ground surface, often on metals, created by various grinding operations

Simple English

Ground is a commonly used word for the surface of the Earth. It is the dirt, soil and rock that we walk on. Ground in electrical language is the electrical charge of the earth. Voltages are compared to the ground to measure voltage.

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