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Cannabis plants found in a grow house

A Grow house is a property, usually located in a suburban residential neighborhood, that is primarily used for the production of marijuana. (Marijuana, which is illegal to produce and sell in most countries, is a product of the cultivation of the plant Cannabis sativa.)

Law enforcement organizations in the United States and Canada claim that cannabis growers have begun moving their operations indoors in response to an increase in attention directed towards outdoor cultivation. Many of these indoor operations are located in grow houses, which are homes wholly or substantially dedicated to the cultivation of the cannabis plant and the production of marijuana. These homes are often located in upscale residential neighborhoods.

The houses are typically outfitted with extensive hydroponic equipment to provide water, food, and light to the plants, and the houses themselves are usually kept in good condition to blend in with the neighborhood. Illegal electrical hookups are a common feature of grow houses, to both save money and to make it harder for authorities to identify them due to their unusually high electrical usage.[1][2][3][4]

In popular culture

In the second season of the TV series Weeds, the protagonist begins operating a grow house to better support her marijuana-selling operation.




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