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The Grumpan bracteate.

The Grumpan bracteate, designated as runic inscription Vg 207 by Rundata, is a gold C-bracteate found in Västergötland, Sweden in 1911.

Runic inscription

The Grumpan bracteate is notable as it has a sequential listing of the elder futhark runic alphabet:

Grumpanbrakteaten futhark.jpg


fuþarkgw ******** hnijïp(z)... **** tbeml(ŋ)(o)d ******[1]

Scandanavian runemasters from an early date divided the twenty-four runes of the elder futhark into three groups of eight called an ætt.[2] On the Grumpan bracteate, the runes of each ætt are separated by a row of dots.[2]

Other elder futhark inscriptions

Because the Grumpan bracteate is damaged, it does not indicate every rune of the elder futhark.[3] The Kylver stone has the entire listing of the elder furthark, and portions of the sequential listing have also been found on the Vadstena bracteate, Charnay Fibula, and a pillar found at Breza near Sarajevo.[3]


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