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Jardín de Cactus

Guatiza is a Canarian community that is located in the northeastern part of the municipality of Teguise in the northeastern portion of the island of Lanzarote in the Las Palmas province in the Canary Islands and is the northernmost in the Canary Islands as well as the easternmost. The population is 820 (ISTAC, 2003) which included 390 males and 430 females.



Guatiza is located 8 km SE of downtown Teguise, 10 km north of Tahiche and 2 km north of Mala and ENE of Arrecife, south of Haría. The coastline is 2 km east, The main industry are agriculture and tourism. The Atlantic Ocean is to the east. The mountains are around Guatiza. Farmlands dominate the rest of the municipality including within Guatiza to the west and where Guatiza is situated. One of the hills are to the north and south. Guatiza is the famous town located near the grassy mountains and a small plain. The village has palm trees.

Guatiza was originally located on a slope of the mountain in which the cemetery stands today. In history, the Moors sacked Guatiza's homes several times in the past this was the reason that the homes are now located in a secure area from the pirates.

Guatiza is famous for its cactus garden hence the origin of the name Jardín de Cactus which covers 5,000 m² and has over 1,400 types of cactus and over 1,000 different species from America, Madagascar, the Canary Islands including local ones and local areas. The famous attraction was first created by César Manrique and is located on an old crater which is extracted from the volcanic soil. The population of Guatiza has about 820 persons. The volcanoes in the area are Guenia, Tinamala, La Caldera and Las Calderetas.


  • Location:
    • Latitude: 29.0667 (29°4') N
    • Longitude: 13.4667 (13°28') W
  • Altitude:
    • Lowest: about 10 to 20 m
  • Postal code: 35520


The precipitation is mainly dry with little rains. Humidity is constant. The temperatures ranges from 18º in January and 25º in August. The nighttime or low temperatures are between 15º and 23°.

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Coordinates: 29°4′0″N 13°28′0″W / 29.066667°N 13.466667°W / 29.066667; -13.466667

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