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Guelph City Council is the governing body for the city of Guelph, Ontario.

The council consists of the Mayor of Guelph and 12 ward councillors. Each ward elects 2 members to represent them. The council operates in the Guelph City Hall.

Municipal elections are now held every four years. The last election was on November 13, 2006.



Guelph is divided up into six wards, or sections. The areas east of and including most of downtown and the area east of the University of Guelph are considered Ward 1. The areas northeast of downtown are considered Ward 2, Ward 3 is in the central and some of the north ends, and Ward 4 is in the northwest end of the city. Ward 5 is the area south of downtown and north of Stone Road. This ward includes the University and Stone Road Mall. Finally, Ward 6 is better known as the "south end" of Guelph. This ward is south of Stone Road and, in recent years, has seen rapid residential development.

2006-2010 Guelph City Council Members

Councillor Ward Notes
Karen Farbridge Mayor Was also Mayor from 2000-2003
Bob Bell 1 - St. Patrick's
Kathleen Farrelly 1 - St. Patrick's See note 1
Vicki Beard 2 - St. George's
Ian Findlay 2 - St. George's
Maggie Laidlaw 3 - St. John's
June Hofland 3 - St. John's
Gloria Kovach 4 - St. David's Former President of the Canadian Federation of Municipalities, See Note 2
Mike Salisbury 4 - St. David's
Lise Burcher 5 - St. Andrew's
Leanne Piper 5 - St. Andrew's Former Trustee of the Upper Grand School Board
Christine Billings 6 - St. James
Karl Wettstein 6 - St. James Was on the 2000-2003 Council


  • The Ward 1 tie between Laura Baily and Kathleen Farrelly was broken under the Municipal Elections Act with the City Clerk drawing Baily's name randomly by lot. Kathleen Farrelly kept her seat on Council until the court ruled a recount. The final outcome of that recount determined Baily should have the seat on Council. Laura Baily died a couple months later. City Council opted to appoint Farelly back onto council.




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