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Guillermo Tell Villegas Pulido

In office
31 August 1892 – 7 October 1892
Preceded by Guillermo Tell Villegas
Succeeded by Joaquín Crespo

Born 28 July 1854(1854-07-28)
Barinas, Venezuela
Died 25 July 1949 (aged 94)
Caracas, Venezuela
Political party Liberal Party
Alma mater Central University of Venezuela

Guillermo Tell Villegas Pulido (1854-1949), was a Venezuelan lawyer, journalist and politician. Acting president of Venezuela in 1892, during the crisis of the Revolución Legalista (Legalist Revolution) leaded by Joaquín Crespo.[1]

Being born in Barinas, son of José Antonio Villegas and Nieves Pulido, soon moves to Caracas, studying law at the Central University of Venezuela, obtaining his degree in 1875. Along with his uncle of the same name, founds in 1876 “La Paz” school in Caracas.

In 1879, is appointed as special commissioner of Venezuela in Panama, in addition served as Secretary of Interior of the Federal District (Caracas) between 1879 to 1880, and secretary general of President Antonio Guzmán Blanco. In 1881, was judge of first instance in Caracas, and deputy to the National Congress for the Bolívar state, period 1890-1892.

Following the resignation of his uncle Guillermo Tell Villegas, assumed the presidency during the days of the Legalist Revolution. Thanks to his influences, in 1892 help to established the Psychiatric hospital of Caracas, after visiting the Insane Asylum of Los Teques, and watching the neglected conditions of patients. Villegas Pulido sought for better alternatives, remodeling an old barracks located in west Caracas, and with help of the San José de Tarbes Nuns Community, enabled a train to facilitate the transfer of patients to the new building, being inaugurated on 17 September 1892.[2] In the government of Joaquín Crespo was exiled from Venezuela.

In 1898, upon his return, was head of government of the states Falcón, Guárico (1900-1901) and Apure (1903-1904), and Attorney General of Venezuela (periods 1899-1909, 1913-1916 and 1936).

From 1906 until 1907, was Consul of Venezuela in the island of Trinidad and president of the chamber of deputies in 1909. In 1912 through 1934, served as interim president of the Orden del Libertador (Liberator Order), was dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences, Vice Chancellor of the Central University of Venezuela (1930-1933) and founder member of the Academy of Social and Political Sciences, being incorporated in 1915, chairing it in three opportunities.

Villegas Pulido, was also dedicated to journalism, founding the magazines Alianza Literaria (1876), La Mayoría (1879), at the city of La Victoria, and the journal Monitor in Ciudad Bolívar (1889), first newspaper that reacts against Antonio Guzmán Blanco.[3]

Guillermo Tell Villegas Pulido died in 1949 at the age of 94.


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