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Guldpucken (Golden Puck) is awarded annually to the ice hockey player of the year in Sweden. It is similar to the NHL's Hart Memorial Trophy. Normally it goes to a player in the Swedish Elite League (Elitserien). It should not be confused with Guldhjälmen (the Golden Helmet), the award for most valuable player according to the players.

This award has only gone to three players twice: Anders Andersson, Leif Holmqvist, and Peter Forsberg. No player has won it three times.


Season Winner Team Position Win #
1955–56 Lassas, ÅkeÅke Lassas Leksands IF 1
1956–57 Öberg, HansHans Öberg Gävle Godtemplares IK 1
1957–58 Svedberg, HansHans Svedberg Skellefteå AIK 1
1958–59 Stoltz, RolandRoland Stoltz Djurgårdens IF D 1
1959–60 Pettersson, RonaldRonald Pettersson Södertälje SK RW 1
1960–61 Anders AnderssonAnders Andersson Skellefteå AIK C 1
1961–62 Anders AnderssonAnders Andersson Skellefteå AIK C 2
1962–63 Sterner, UlfUlf Sterner Västra Frölunda IF RW 1
1963–64 Johansson, NilsNils Johansson Alfredshems IK - 1
1964–65 Blomé, GertGert Blomé Västra Frölunda IF D 1
1965–66 Nilsson, NilsNils Nilsson Leksands IF C 1
1966–67 Nordlander, Bert-OlaBert-Ola Nordlander AIK D 1
1967–68 Holmqvist, LeifLeif Holmqvist AIK G 1
1968–69 Sjöberg, Lars-ErikLars-Erik Sjöberg Leksands IF D 1
1969–70 Holmqvist, LeifLeif Holmqvist AIK G 2
1970–71 Wickberg, HåkanHåkan Wickberg Brynäs IF 1
1971–72 Löfqvist, WilliamWilliam Löfqvist Brynäs IF 1
1972–73 Abrahamsson, ThommyThommy Abrahamsson Leksands IF D 1
1973–74 Abrahamsson, ChristerChrister Abrahamsson Leksands IF G 1
1974–75 Östling, StigStig Östling Brynäs IF 1
1975–76 Waltin, MatsMats Waltin Södertälje SK 1
1976–77 Andersson, Kent-ErikKent-Erik Andersson Färjestads BK RW 1
1977–78 Edberg, RolfRolf Edberg AIK C 1
1978–79 Kallur, AndersAnders Kallur Djurgårdens IF W 1
1979–80 Näslund, MatsMats Näslund Brynäs IF LW 1
1980–81 Lindmark, PeterPeter Lindmark Timrå IK G 1
1981–82 Sundström, PatrikPatrik Sundström IF Björklöven C 1
1982–83 Loob, HåkanHåkan Loob Färjestads BK RW 1
1983–84 Eklund, Per-ErikPer-Erik Eklund AIK C 1
1984–85 Eldebrink, AndersAnders Eldebrink Södertälje SK D 1
1985–86 Samuelsson, TommyTommy Samuelsson Färjestads BK D 1
1986–87 Södergren, HåkanHåkan Södergren Djurgårdens IF LW 1
1987–88 Berglund, BoBo Berglund AIK F 1
1988–89 Nilsson, KentKent Nilsson Djurgårdens IF C 1
1989–90 Ridderwall, RolfRolf Ridderwall Djurgårdens IF G 1
1990–91 Rundqvist, ThomasThomas Rundqvist Färjestads BK F 1
1991–92 Sjödin, TommyTommy Sjödin Brynäs IF D 1
1992–93 Forsberg, PeterPeter Forsberg Modo Hockey C 1
1993–94 Forsberg, PeterPeter Forsberg Modo Hockey C 2
1994–95 Jonsson, TomasTomas Jonsson Leksands IF D 1
1995–96 Bergkvist, JonasJonas Bergkvist Leksands IF RW 1
1996–97 Jönsson, JörgenJörgen Jönsson Färjestads BK C 1
1997–98 Dahlén, UlfUlf Dahlén HV71 RW 1
1998–99 Sedin, DanielDaniel Sedin Modo Hockey LW 1
1998–99 Sedin, HenrikHenrik Sedin Modo Hockey C 1
1999–00 Johansson, MikaelMikael Johansson Djurgårdens IF C 1
2000–01 Renberg, MikaelMikael Renberg Luleå HF RW 1
2001–02 Zetterberg, HenrikHenrik Zetterberg Timrå IK C 1
2002–03 Andersson, NiklasNiklas Andersson Västra Frölunda HC LW 1
2003–04 Davidsson, JohanJohan Davidsson HV71 C 1
2004–05 Lundqvist, HenrikHenrik Lundqvist Frölunda HC G 1
2005–06 Jönsson, KennyKenny Jönsson Rögle BK D 1
2006–07 Svartvadet, PerPer Svartvadet Modo Hockey C 1
2007–08 Liv, StefanStefan Liv HV71 G 1
2008–09 Gustavsson, JonasJonas Gustavsson Färjestads BK G 1
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