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The location of the Bo Hai.

Bohai Sea (Chinese: pinyin: Bó HăiWade-Giles: Po-hai), also known as Bohai Gulf or strictly Bohai, is the innermost gulf of the Yellow Sea on the coast of northeastern China. It is approximately 78,000 km² in area and its proximity to Beijing, the capital of China, makes it one of the busiest seaways in the world.

The location of the Bo Hai.



In literature until the early 20th century, Bo Hai was sometimes called the Gulf of Chihli (直隸 Zhílì) or the Gulf of Pechihli (simplified Chinese: 北直隸pinyin: Běizhílì). Zhili and Beizhili were historic provinces in the area surrouding Beijing.


Bohai Sea is bounded by the Liaodong and Shandong Peninsulas. It has become one of busiest sea routes in recent times. There are three bays inside the Bohai sea: Laizhou Bay to the south, Liaodong Bay to the north, and Bohai Bay to the west.

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