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Gung Ho - ICCIC (International Committee for the Promotion of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives) (or Gung Ho International Committee) was founded in 1939 in Hong Kong to form cooperatives in China. Mme. Soong Ching Ling was elected honorary chair and the Anglican Bishop of Hong Kong, R. D. Hall to be chair, and Dr. Chen Han Sheng was appointed as secretary general.[1]

The Gung Ho movement was initiated in Shanghai in 1937 by Rewi Alley, Edgar Snow, Helen Snow, and some others. The aim of Gung Ho movement was to organize unemployed workers and refugees for production to support the Chinese people's war of resistance against Japanese aggression. Subsequently, the Chinese Industrial Cooperative Association was established in 1938.[2]

To 1941, the Gung Ho movement reached its peak: around 3,000 cooperatives with a membership of nearly 30,000 were functioning. They produced more than 500 products for the local people, and a large number of blankets, uniforms and other army supplies for the battlefront, thus becoming the most popular people's movement in the annals of China's cooperative movement. The well known Gung Ho's spirit is: work hard and work together. The unique role of Gung Ho cooperatives in the War also won such international acclaim that the term "Gung Ho" became a famous slogan of U.S. Marine Corps and entered the English language as denoting whole-hearted dedication to a meaningful cause.[3]

Both CICA and ICCIC suspended their works in 1952, and the CICA revived in 1983, the ICCIC revived in 1987 in Beijing. The reorganized ICCIC registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of People's Republic of China as an international non-profit organization. Zhu Xuefan was elected as honorary chair and Rewi Alley as chair to the first expiration.

The revived ICCIC takes the cooperative promotion in China as its main task. Its membership open to all individuals and organizations who support and are devoted to the cooperative movement. So far, the committee has approximately 100 members from 10 countries, such as China, Australia, Germany, Belgium, France, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, Britain, the US, and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The ICCIC’s General Assembly of all members meets every 5 years. The Executive Board elected by the Assembly is responsible for decision-making on major issues according to its article of association during the adjournment of the Assembly. A secretariat is set up to handle day-to-day work.

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