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EP (Live from the Jungle)

Cover of the 12-inch single, including obi strip.
EP by Guns N' Roses
Released 1988[1][2][3]
Recorded 28 June 1987
Marquee Club, London
Genre Hard rock, heavy metal
Length 25:58
Label Geffen
Producer Guns N' Roses, Vic Maile, Mike Clink
Guns N' Roses chronology
Live Like A Suicide

The second EP by Guns N' Roses, released after Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide, was released in Japan only. The cover of the EP states Guns N' Roses, hence it is often called as such.[1] It is also known as Live from the Jungle,[2] named so because part of the large red text on the album's obi strip reads "raibu furomu za janguru", meaning "live from the jungle". This is a reference to the song Welcome to the Jungle, even though the song itself doesn't appear on the EP. The record has been released in LP, cassette, and CD format.[3]

Tracks one, four and five were recorded live at the Marquee Club in London on June 28, 1987. Track two and three sound like live recordings, but are actually studio recordings with overdubbed crowd noise. Track 6 is the studio version from Appetite for Destruction. The cover features the banned Robert Williams artwork also used (but very briefly) for Appetite for Destruction.


Track listing

# Title Writer(s) Note(s) Length
1. "It's So Easy"   Guns N' Roses, West Arkeen Live recording 3:55
2. "Shadow of Your Love"   Guns N' Roses Faux live recording (studio track with overdubbed crowd noise)[4] 3:06
3. "Move to the City"   Guns N' Roses Same version as on Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide and G N' R Lies 3:44
4. "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" (Bob Dylan cover) Bob Dylan Live recording 4:40
5. "Whole Lotta Rosie" (AC/DC cover) Bon Scott, Angus Young, Malcolm Young Live recording 4:30
6. "Sweet Child O' Mine"   Guns N' Roses Same version as on Appetite for Destruction 5:52



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  2. ^ a b The fansite Here Today... Gone To Hell [3] states "Guns N' Roses EP aka Live From The Jungle EP", and gives 1987 as its year of release. The fansite GnRsource [4] calls the EP "Live From The Jungle", and gives 1988 as its year of release.
  3. ^ a b The fansite GNR Evolution [5] displays all three covers with their obi strips, and gives 1987 as the year of release.
  4. ^ In his autobiography, Slash states (on page 166) that this track was recorded while the band was searching for a producer to record Appetite for Destruction. It was the first track Guns N' Roses recorded with Mike Clink, who was ultimately hired to do the job.

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