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Gustav Bauer

In office
August 14, 1919 – March 26, 1920
Preceded by Philipp Scheidemann
Succeeded by Hermann Müller

Born 6 January 1870(1870-01-06)
Died 16 September 1944 (aged 74)
Political party SPD
Spouse(s) Hedwig Moch

About this sound Gustav Adolf Bauer (6 January 1870 – 16 September 1944) was a German Social Democratic Party leader and Chancellor of Germany from 1919 to 1920.

Born in Darkehmen (now Ozyorsk, Kaliningrad Oblast) near Königsberg in East Prussia, Bauer, who rose to notice through his leadership of a white-collar trade union, served from 1908 to 1918 as chairman of the General Commission of Trade Unions for all of Germany. A member of the Reichstag, Bauer entered Prince Max of Baden's government in October 1918 as Minister of Labour, a role which he continued to hold in the government of Philipp Scheidemann after the war. When Scheidemann resigned in June 1919 to protest the Treaty of Versailles, Bauer became Chancellor, serving until March 1920, when he resigned shortly after the failure of the Kapp Putsch.

Bauer resigned from the Social Democratic Party and the Reichstag in disgrace in February 1925, after it appeared that he had accepted improper payments in the Barmat Scandal and then lied about it, but was reinstated in 1926.

Bauer later served in the governments of Hermann Müller and Joseph Wirth.

Cabinet June 1919 - March 1920


  • July 15, 1919 - Robert Schmidt succeeds Wissell as Economics Minister. Schmidt remains Food Minister.
  • October 3, 1919 - Dr. Eugen Schiffer (DDP) enters the cabinet as Justice Minister and succeeds Erzberger as Vice-Chancellor. Erzberger remains Finance Minister. Dr. Erich Koch-Weser (DDP) succeeds David as Interior Minister. David remains in the cabinet as Minister without Portfolio.
  • October 25, 1919 - Otto Gessler (DDP) enters the cabinet as Reconstruction Minister.
  • November 7, 1919 - The Colonial Office is abolished. Bell remains Transportation Minister.
  • January 30, 1920 - Mayer resigns as Treasury Minister.
  • March 12, 1920 - Erzberger resigns as Finance Minister.
Political offices
Preceded by
Labour Minister of Germany
Succeeded by
Alexander Schlicke
Preceded by
Philipp Scheidemann
Chancellor of Germany
Succeeded by
Hermann Müller
Preceded by
Johannes Bell
Transportation Minister of Germany
Succeeded by
Wilhelm Groener
Preceded by
Rudolf Heinze
Vice Chancellor of Germany
Succeeded by
Robert Schmidt

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"GUSTAV BAUER (1870-), German Socialist, and first chancellor of the republican German Reich, was born Jan. 6 1870 at Darkehnen in East Prussia. At an early stage of his career he took up the secretarial work of the German Trades Unions movement and in 1908 became president of the general committee of the Trades Unions of Germany. Elected a member of the old Reichstag in 1912, he was appointed on Oct. 5 1918 Secretary of State for the Department of Labour in the Government of Prince Max of Baden, the last Government under the old regime. In Feb. 1919 he was appointed Minister of Labour in the republican Government of the German Reich and on June 21 of the same year president of the Ministry which was installed to accept the Peace Treaty of Versailles. The new constitution of the Reich having been enacted, the president of the Ministry resumed, in accordance with its provisions, the old title of chancellor (Reichskanzler) and Bauer was the first to hold this office under the republican regime. He remained chancellor until the Kapp coup of March 1920, when he fled with the president of the Reich, Ebert, and the rest of the Ministry to Dresden and afterwards to Stuttgart. On their return the Ministry was reconstructed and Bauer made way for the second republican chancellor, Hermann Muller, himself becoming for a brief period the Minister of the Treasury (Reichsschatzminister).

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