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Gustavo A. Cisneros Rendiles (born 1945)[1] is a Venezuelan media mogul of Cuban descent. He is among the world's richest men according to Forbes magazine, which estimated his fortune at $5.3 billion in 2002. The New York Times calls Cisneros, "one of Latin America’s most powerful figures" and says he and his wife, Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, have a reputation for being "a Latin American power couple in business and the global social scene".[2]



Cisneros is the son of Diego Cisneros; Diego Cisneros was in business in Caracas from 1929 and received the Pepsi concession for Venezuela in 1940, before going on to gain the concession for private TV channel Venevisión in 1960.

The Cisneros family was the first-wealthiest in Latin America on the 2006 Forbes ranking.[3] He graduated from Suffield Academy in Connecticut in 1963[4] and from Babson College in Massachusetts in 1968.[5]

In addition to Venezuelan citizenship, Cisneros also holds Spanish and Dominican citizenship.[6]

Cisneros Group

Cisneros' wealth comes from his holdings in media, entertainment, telecommunications and consumer products companies.[7] The Cisneros Group of Companies is one of the largest Spanish-language privately-held media and entertainment companies.[8] Until the buyout of Univision, the United States' leading Spanish-language television network, Cisneros was one of the biggest shareholders on the Company. He also owns Venevision International, which produces and distributes media and entertainment products throughout the world, and Venevisión, a Venezuelan television network. Since 1980 the Group has owned the Miss Venezuela contest[9] and since 2001 also the Leones del Caracas baseball team.

Views and awards

Long an advocate of free enterprise[10] Cisneros has for many years been expanding his operations outside of Venezuela and into overseas markets, including the U.S., Spain and more recently China.[7]

One of his major accomplishments has been a major role in the international development of telenovelas[11] – emotion-packed melodramas based on the harsh realities of life in Latin America that are now broadcast to about 2 billion people around the world. In part to honor his international success, he was named MIPCOM "Personality of the Year" in 2005,[12] a prestigious media industry award.[13]

The Cisneros Foundation (Fundación Cisneros) runs a wide range of educational and cultural programs aimed at improving the lives of Latin Americans.[14] These include the AME program for professional development of Latin American educators, visual arts education and awareness based on the Coleccion Patricia Phelps de Cisneros; PPV, a visual thinking curriculum for Latin American school children, and traveling art exhibits showcasing the talents of Latin American artists for North America and European audiences.[15] For his work, in March 2004, Gustavo was presented with the Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service, in Miami, Florida, by the Woodrow Wilson Center of the Smithsonian Institution.


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